Community Immunity

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Twice a year, the Tummy Temple community comes together to collectively cleanse and renew. We do this because practicing wellness together is more fun, more effective and highly stimulating. Lively chatter fills the Temple with new recipes, product reviews and juicy reports of personal transformation. … Read More

Diju: Our 100% Natural Alternative to Harsh Laxatives

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Our #1 Selling Product for 15 years! Why do we and our clients love Diju? Because it reliably relieves discomfort as it works with the body to gently… Increase production of digestive juices Soften hard stool Encourage cleansing Regulate bowl movements Whether you are unable to … Read More

Return to Center

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Return to Center Image: Dandelion at Sunset

Even though there are a few weeks left of summer we can all feel and see evidence of the great turning that lies ahead. As the leaves change so do our internal urges. Linear structure sounds good again, but the journey from care free summer … Read More

The Ground Beneath and Within Us

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We humans are Earthlings. The molecules that make up our planet also constitute our bodies. We live in a constant reciprocal relationship with our environment. In the last several decades, environmental medicine has addressed the negative impacts of environmental factors on human health (think: pollution). But … Read More