Hunter Toran, RSMT

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Spacial Dynamics

I offer Spacial Dynamics movement education and hands-on therapies. My work serves clients who are looking to take the next step in their physical and emotional healing, as well as the stewardship of their consciousness. Spacial Dynamics assists individual’s to utilize hands-on therapy and everyday movement  as part of their healing process as well as developing simple movement practices to support their vitality and health.

My gift is in my ability to observe and meet an individual at the juncture of healing they find themselves with compassion, skill and genuine interest. I have an innate and refined ability to mediate the needs of the subtle energetic layers of the body with hands-on therapeutic touch and guided meditations. I also  recognize habits of movement that don’t serve the health of an individual and help them to ‘invert the hurt’, or find ways of moving that are supportive to their overall health.

I was led to this work through my deep interest in being in service to the highest needs and potentials of humankind. Having always been passionate about movement (dance, yoga, chi kung, mountaineering, music) I was elated to find the discipline of Spacial Dynamics which examines the entirety of the human experience through movement. Spacial Dynamics allowed me to move through chronic pain to a place of relative grace and increased perception. Through my own process I found a discipline that I love and am honored to bring into the service of others.

Licenses, Certification and Education

  • ISMETA Certification: RSMTE (Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator) I have over 2000 hours of training and over 5000 hours of clinical and classroom experience.

    Spacial Dynamics Trainings
  • Level l: 5 year part time In-Service Training
  • Level ll: Registered Therapist and Movement Educator
  • Level lll Candidate