Welcome to Tummy Temple!

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 We’re so glad you’ve chosen the Tummy Temple for your health care needs. If this is your first time visiting the Tummy Temple, please take a moment to read the following helpful information.   Next Steps:  Fill out your intake form and set-up your Patient Fusion health records account.   Once … Read More

Falling Back to Earth

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By Jamie Lashbrook, LMP   **Note to readers:  This article by Jamie Lashbrook uses philosophies from indigenous medicine from the Americas.  References to the elements may differ from other Temple Times articles written according to Chinese Medicine.  We find it interesting and helpful to see … Read More

Tools for Transitioning

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Summer in the Pacific NW is beginning to wind down with some cooler days in the forecast.  Whether we like it or not, we are reminded of the change of seasons coming later in the month.  The impending fall routine is lurking in our subconscious. … Read More

Lemonade for your Lady Parts

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Lemonade for Your Lady Parts   by Jamie Lashbrook, LMP   Everyone loves fresh lemonade in the summer.  And, I have been practically dosing myself on this amazing herbal lemonade recipe I created that will love up your lady parts.  It is full of nourishing herbs, … Read More

Healthy Hydration

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If you live in the Pacific Northwest you may be feeling the effects of what will likely be our driest summer on record.  Warmer weather has come earlier than usual and we can already sense the impending drought.  And, we’re not the only ones.  As … Read More

Meet Jujubeet!

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Meet Jujubeet! A fabulous organic juicer with great spring cleansing options and Tummy Temple partnership discount!                                  www.jujubeet.com This month we’re featuring our neighbor, JujuBeet Organic Juicery, offering both fresh centrifugal juice and cold-pressed grab and go juices.  Consider including juice or a juice fast with … Read More