Amelia Anderson

Amelia Anderson Tummy Temple Seattle


Care Coordinator

I offer my warmth and organizational skills, as well as my creative eye! I am an assistant to the healers and clients at the Tummy Temple. I aim to serve both efficiently so that clients can experience all we have to offer with ease. I am a visual artist – creating is a sacred act for me.

I found the Tummy Temple very much by chance, and it has catapulted me directly into the amazing world of natural health and wellness. The experiences I have had here with practitioners and our clients have had a permanent, positive changing effect on my life, and I aim to serve the Temple with the utmost gratitude and enthusiasm. I am thrilled to be apart of such an incredible team of wellness warriors. In my free time I like to draw, paint, sing, and walk my dog through Ravenna Park.

Licenses, Certification and Education

Gage Academy of Art Atelier Alumni

Other areas of interest and study:



Mental Health and Wellness

LGBTQ issues and rights