The Art of Decongestion

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Whip out those enema cans and dry skin brushes! Spring arrives this month in all her glory! This is quite possibly our favorite time of the year at the Temple, so please forgive the excitement that streams forth from this newsletter.

Why are we so eager to clear out those pathways of elimination? It can be a little bit of a nasty job, so why race towards the equinox with excitement to purge?

Well, the truth is that it feels good to unplug. Whether it’s nasal passages, pores or a bloated waistline, reducing pressurized and plugged up pathways is a great way to build health from the inside out. Reducing excess waste in the body frees up energy. This “enlightened” energy can be used for more extensive body jobs like restoring organs, balancing hormones, battling down parasites, or addressing chronic inflammation.

Creative urges are also quite common when stagnant material leaves the body and systemic circulation gets a boost. Prepare yourself for rushes of new ideas and closet clearing moments as your winter dreams attempt a break through into reality.

Most importantly, decongestion must be respected as a first step towards health this time of the year. Time and time again we see people embarking onto major health journeys like heavy metal detoxification, parasite cleansing or liver purging without a productive, daily bowel movement. Ouch! The onset of detox headaches, breakouts, flu-like symptoms and mood swings can stop anybody in their tracks. Avoid a head-on collision with your toxin trash by gently opening those lovely pathways of elimination: kidneys, lungs, skin and colon. Breathe, pee, sweat, poop, repeat!

We hope you can join us on March 2nd for Janell’s FREE class at 12:00pm and 7:30pm and dive deeper into the world of decongestion. Making an art form out of enemas and neti pot cleansing might seem outrageous, but if anyone can do it, we can!

In joyful service,



Kristi Zimmer, LMP
Co-Owner of Tummy Temple