Oh, Mg! 5 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Magnesium Supplement

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From Dr. Venessa Wahler, ND

  1. Feeling blue? Magnesium may help alleviate symptoms of depression, tension and anxiety. Low levels of magnesium appear to reduce serotonin levels1.  So increase your intake of Magnesium-rich foods and ask your naturopathic doctor about taking a high-quality Magnesium supplement.
  2. Magnesium has been shown to increase testosterone when combined with exercise3.  Did you hear that, gentlemen? This in turn builds muscle mass, which is necessary for optimal BMR (basal metabolic rate). Your basal metabolic rate is the energy your body expends at rest and is increased by having more lean muscle. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn at rest. This is true for ladies as well.
  3. Say hello to Magnesium and buh-bye to excess belly fat! When your blood sugar is well-controlled, you’re less likely to carry excess abdominal weight.  Magnesium improves insulin sensitivity6,7 which also helps fight sugar and salt cravings.  Magnesium supplementation also alleviates premenstrual symptoms of fluid retention8.  For PMS, you’ll likely notice a decrease in symptoms after two full menstrual cycles. So be consistent.
  4. Get Regular!  By facilitating intestinal movement, magnesium helps promote bowel movements and reduce the instances of bloating9. Note: Too much magnesium too soon can cause loose stools, so start slowly, especially when taking it in powder form.
  5. Get energized!  Magnesium helps fight fatigue by increasing ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production in the body10. This may be enough to finally get you off of the couch and get back to the physical activities that you love.

While taking a high-quality Magnesium supplement is important, here are some Magnesium-rich foods to start increasing in your diet today:

Dark Leafy Green Vegetables: swiss chard, kale, spinach Fruit: Bananas, avocado, peaches, plums, apricots Beans and Lentils (legumes) Whole grain rice, millet, oats
 Seeds  Potatoes  Pumpkin  Pure Dark Chocolate (Cacao)
  In March we introduced the community to “Temple Calm” – the highest quality Magnesium powder that we could find on the market! This powder form is an excellent way to take magnesium because it provides greater flexibility as our bodies adjust to taking in something new.

Ask our team if Temple Calm is right for you!

 Dr. Venessa Wahler, ND

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