Wise Words from the Medical Director

Dr. Jamie Doughty, NDNewsletter Articles

As we say goodbye to the stored and heavy foods of winter, our digestive systems can be left feeling congested, stagnated, slow and tired.

It is best to prepare for the lightening up of the season with an assessment on whether we are ready to begin a spring cleanse. 

The term “detoxification” implies an external force imposed on our bodies to drive out impurities. Since “detox” is an active process of pushing out contamination, our bowels, kidneys and lymphatic systems need to be decongested prior to any detoxification program. 

Case: Marie wanted to start a cleansing detoxification program this spring. She presented with constipation and eczema for several years. 
We began by removing foods that slow and aggravate elimination systems; stimulants, caffeine, alcohol, sugar and processed foods.
Marie elected to have her diet individually tailored to minimize inflammation by testing for food intolerance’s by means of a simple blood collection. 

Her constipation had been managed with a laxative and bulking agents for many years which was not always effective. She felt fatigued and lethargic when she couldn’t eliminate through her bowels. 

We designed a 2 week cleanse preparation program to best lay the groundwork and smooth the way for her spring detox. Herbal teas, bone broth and increased water consumption were included in her daily routine. I prescribed twice weekly Decongestive Lymphatic therapy followed by colonic hydrotherapy and the Tummy Temple’s excellent fiber and soothing herbal powder (Smooth Passage) to support complete and easy to pass bowel movements. 

Marie actively supported her therapies with dry skin brushing daily to stimulate and decongest her lymph nodes their channels. 

With a proper preparation phase in place you can be set for success while cleansing, much like you’d never run a road race without training your body first!

Dr. Jamie Doughty, ND
Medical Director of Tummy Temple