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Welcome to the Tummy Temple! We work as an Integrated Care Team and offer the services we do because we have found that they support the body’s natural processes of detoxification, digestion, stress relief, relaxation and vitality.

Our recommendations below offer guidance in choosing the best place for you to start. By the end of your first session, your physician or therapist can guide to your best next steps to enjoyably and effectively meet your goals!

PLEASE NOTE: Some therapies require time to yield desired results, and positive therapeutic results often plateau over time. If you are not getting the results you’re seeking, please communicate openly with your therapist for guidance regarding your expectations. It may be appropriate to integrate another therapy or supplement to accelerate your journey to the next level of wellness.

Start with Naturopathic Medicine if you are…

  • Looking for a doctor to really get to know who you are so that they can treat your medical conditions, optimize your health and help you navigate & coordinate your healthcare with other practioners & medical facilities for years to come.
  • Addressing a medical condition.  Common examples of this is long-term constipation, chronic inflammation, IBS, SIBO.
  • Seeking a medical diagnosis.
  • Doing an extensive cleanse and need medical oversight and/or facilation (e.g. cleansing for 2 or more weeks, liver/gallbladder cleanses, water fasts)
  • Desire to lose or gain weight and have struggled with it for years.
  • Struggling with having enough energy.
  • Going through hormonal changes or concerned about abnormal hormone activity.
  • If you experience a high level of stress, or have in the past and believe it is affecting your physical, mental or emotional health
  • If you struggle with falling or staying asleep

Start with Therapeutic Massage if you are…

  • Needing to calm your nervous system and enhance your body’s capacity to receive (health, fertility, nourishment)
  • Having difficulties with digestion as a result of surgery or a traumatic physical experience like an auto accident, even if it occured decades ago.
  • Wanting to support your detoxifcation program
  • Looking to address tension patterns stuck in your body that inhibit its abiltiy to heal
  • Wanting to improve your digestive health and aren’t yet ready for a colonic
  • Ready to experience a deeper level of body connection and integration!
Start with Craniosacral Therapy if you are…
  • Needing to calm your nervous system and enhance your body’s capacity to receive (health, fertility, nourishment)
  • Uncomfortable being undressed during treatment
  • Sensitive to deeper pressure
  • Working through emotions and energetic holding in the body
  • Wanting to clear the body of stress and tension before other services, such as colon hydrotherapy, massage, or Electro-Lymphatic therapy

Start with Colon Hydrotherapy if you are…

  • Feeling bloated, challenged with digestion, uncomfortable in the belly
  • Looking to address toxicity through cleansing
  • Needing to address regularity and ease of bowel movements
  • Ready to try a colonic in a warm environment, from a caring therapist experienced in world-class colon cleansing!

Start with Nutrition if you are…

  • Wanting a facilitator to design and coordinate a detoxification or cleansing program
  • Needing help to restructure your dietary lifestyle, access healthier foods, and set positive wellness habits
  • Ready to resolve food allergy challenges
  • Preparing for pregnancy
  • Helping your child improve bowel regularity
  • Ready to supercharge your body with revitalizing food fuel!

Tummy Temple co-owner, Kristi Zimmer, wrote an article in our newsletter that may also help you determine Where to Start.

If you’d like further answers to your questions, call us at 206-729-6211. If we can’t help you, we will always try to direct you to someone who can!