Breast Health: Reducing Fear with Prevention

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Breast health is a big deal at the Tummy Temple. We see so many women who are struggling with various breast challenges, such as pain, cysts, fibrous tissue, and even breast tumors. Our Naturopathic and Nutrition team can offer great supplementation and dietary recommendations to empower women to take their health into their own hands and diets, and our massage and decongestive lymphatic therapies can aid in creating a healthy environment within the tissue itself. October is a big month for Breast Cancer Awareness, but we really prefer to focus on the positives of Breast Health instead and the importance of self-care and prevention.

Why is breast health important?

Breast tissue forms the front of the chest and directly affects lymph flow, circulation, breathing, upper body strength, and is a prominent emotional center. Breast tissue is very reactive environmental factors, diet, clothing, and hormonal fluctuations which can lead to pain, inflammation, dissociation, and emotional frustration.

What makes breast tissue massage or lymphatic drainage beneficial?

Many women have fibrous tissue, pain, and swelling in their breasts, and the fear of cancer is ever-present in our society. Massage for breast health helps to soften the dense tissue, increase circulation, release muscle tension, and helps women relax and feel comfortable with their bodies. Lymphatic drainage helps clear lymph congestion and can bring immune cells into the breast tissue to fight off mutated cells before they can become a problem. Post-surgical scarring responds very well to both massage and lymphatic drainage.

What are some expected outcomes of breast health treatment?

Softening of breast tissue

Increased breath capacity and rib expansion

Decreased tension in chest and neck muscles

Better posture

Increased feelings of well being and control around breast health

Some clients may experience temporary detox reactions such as redness or sensitive skin, hormonal shifting (due to estrogen release from tissues), mild discomfort as tissue responds to movement, or flu-like symptoms due to waste release from lymph congestion. This is normal and can be counteracted with adequate water intake, Epsom salt baths, or gentle exercise.

What are some things women can do at home to help their breast health?
Breast self-massage. This is a great way to not only get to know how your breasts feel, but to get comfortable with them and help them feel good after a long day of being smushed into a bra. We offer handouts and explanation in office.
Increase water intake – the current recommendation is half of the number of your body weight in ounces. This will give the body the amount of fluid it needs to have fully hydrated tissues.
Dry skin brushing. This will help move the superficial lymph through the vessels and keep wastes from building up in between decongestive lymphatic sessions.
More veggies, less sugar. This will help decrease inflammation in the body, helping to keep the whole body working optimally, including the lymph and immune systems.

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I look forward to helping you take charge of your breast health!

Catherine Oliver, LMT, CST-C

Catherine is the Director of the Massage Therapy Department at the Tummy Temple. She has completed the WA State-required training to provide thorough, compassionate breast treatment, and has provided similar training for other practitioners as well.