Catherine Oliver, LMT


My gift is empathy and my desire is to assist my clients to feel comfortable and powerful in their bodies. I have a special passion for helping women to navigate the challenges that arise through their various life stages.

I have a deep respect for the body’s innate ability to self-heal. When I sought out massage as treatment for my own headaches and migraines, the power of healing touch changed my life, and I knew I needed to be a part of that healing for others. Originally trained in massage in Michigan, I moved to Seattle in 2008 and continued my training, becoming licensed in 2010. Having experienced the profound healing of craniosacral therapy in massage school, I became certified in and now assist in teaching that gentle form of guiding the body to heal itself. My free time is spent practicing yoga, playing with yarn, and snuggling my cats.

Director of Massage Therapy

I also serve as the Tummy Temple’s Director of Massage Therapy. What this means for you is that I’m passionate about educating our staff about new techniques and law changes, as well as strive to build a talented and knowledgeable team of Massage and Craniosacral therapists. I work with the whole team to enhance communication, both within the team and with clients. I also coordinate closely with our Director of Education and Classes on reaching out to the community, and with our Product Specialist to determine which products work best to help clients meet their goals.

Licenses, Certification and Education

Licensed Massage practitioner-Intraoral Endorsement active 2013
Craniosacral Therapy- Certified Practitioner through Bastyr University 2015

Other Areas of Interest and Study

Craniosacral Therapy Teaching Assistant and Certification Mentor, Bastyr University
Women’s Health, especially Breast Care
Headache/migraine treatment
Stress management

Massage Therapist License MA60152838