What Is YOUR Love Language?

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Everyone has a uniquely soothing love language. Whether you have discovered it or not is a different story. It requires a commitment to softening toward the self and digging into your vulnerable places. Once you find and then allow the voice that speaks this language you will have a valuable self soothing tool to calm the storms of your body and life.

In body work, energy work and compassionate, non-judgmental consultation we run across those boarded up places that take some coaxing and a lot of trust to uncover. The skillful and sacred presence provided by the practitioner can set the stage for the little voice that holds the unique love language to come forth and soothe body, mind and spirit, returning the being to a state of organized calm. It might start with a tremor or tear but can quickly resolve into a soothed state where wellness can grow, replacing tension, anxiety and feeling disconnected.

Each person is unique, but under the shells of protection there is a tender spot that you learn to hold and to which you apply the sweetest part of your heart. What lives in that tender spot? Well, it’s your innocence, your goodness and best intentions, your “baby parts,” and your ability to forgive. And, you would never betray it or speak harshly to it. In fact, if you’re not in touch with it, you will be humbled upon meeting it. That is when your unique love language will appear. But you have to allow yourself the ability to speak it.

Self-soothing is a practice. Your skills improve over time and the benefits are measurable. If you suffer from chronic stress, body pains or illness you will definitely want to invest in discovering your unique love language and uncovering vital energy reserves locked up in guarding patterns. You might feel silly at first, but be daring in love and become the soft animal you were meant to be all cuddled up in your very own arms.

With Love,

Kristi Zimmer, LMT
Co-Founder of Tummy Temple