Tummy Temple Times: Nov 2015 – Receiving the Harvest

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Apples in Hand

The harvest is here.  Have you made room?  Have you cleared some space for the gifts and challenges of this season?

A common theme we see at the Temple is “bodies catching up.”  What this means is that we often have big downloads in our lives or seasons of change/upheaval, if you will, and bodies are the last in line to catch up. In our minds and our hearts, we have often processed events and made peace, but our bodies still carry the story.  We guide clients through peeling off events and stressful times through conscious body work and effective ND support, because sometimes it’s “just complicated.” It’s important to rewrite the stories of recent times, as told by our bodies, and get fully up-to-date.

Inflammation, adrenal fatigue, nervous system tension, worn out and overtight muscles, and imbalanced postures all lead to early season illnesses.  Clearing these congestion ills and stress patterns before the cool months can be helpful in warding off common colds and winter blues.  Broths, cleansing practices, moments of meditation, and nature time are extremely helpful in rebuilding much needed buffers for the upcoming season.

So far, this season we have been clearing our lungs and large intestine to allow more room for inspiration and clarity. With this open space we begin to calm, soothe, and rebuild focusing on what will serve us from here on through the internal metamorphosis of our winter cave.  It’s time to build a reserve.  As we continue to practice moderation we add things like good fats, vitamin D, probiotics, and essential amino acids that rebuild our intestinal lining.  We’re sealing off the entry to foreign, unwanted microbes and enhancing the nutrients and “troops” within to ensure a healthy winter season.  The harvest has come and we’re putting some away for winter.

As we prepare to gather around the table and celebrate the harvest, we tune deeply into the art of nourishment.  We breathe deeply into our bellies, expanding and massaging all that lies within.  We stretch ourselves open to feel connection and relax into loving, communal support.  We practice the opening energy of gratitude and how that immediately fills our cup.  We let go of what is no longer useful and evolve.  Now that is a true hearth experience!!!!

So how do you prepare for the harvest/holidays?  How will you empty your cup from last season’s subject matter and prepare it to be filled?  Let us help you release, restore, resolve and prepare to receive.   

Many blessings to you and yours,

Kristi Zimmer, LMP


Co-Owner of Tummy Temple

** A special thanks to our amazing Tummy Temple community for continuing to support this family owned, local, earth-friendly business this holiday season.  We have a new self-care collection to shop, and gift certificates of wellness are a great idea for the holidays.   We are so grateful for this health conscious community and celebrate our ongoing success with you!

Image credits:  Shutterstock.com – Organic fruit and vegetables. Farmers hands with freshly harvested apples. – Mythja