May 2017 Rebirth-day

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Every year at birthday time we are all blessed with the opportunity to reflect on life; how it’s going, where it’s going, and what makes the wish list!  And then there are some years when a supernatural force takes over your existence and you find yourself in a Rebirth process.  It’s usually never as organized as the reflective process previously mentioned.  In fact, in a rebirth process there will likely be a fire that burns up aspects of who you thought you were and what you thought you wanted to be, so that you can emerge as that beautiful phoenix bird we’ve all heard stories about.

This is the kind of birthday experience Tummy Temple is having this year – so a Rebirth Party is in order!  Some team members are on the other side of their fire walking experience and others have just begun.  Our cozy Ravenna location of 15 years is on the light rail corridor and at risk for redevelopment with rising lease costs.  But our alchemical fire is burning hot and you will find us dancing around it while adorning ourselves with new feathers!

In a phoenix rising year, all kinds of crises can occur to change the way you do life.  Crises in health, housing, job, relationship, and even emotional stability can all surface to offer the opportunity for clarifying direction and approach.  The inevitable path is usually through the fire; not around it, over it or waiting at the edge.  What is no longer serving you must be left behind in the ashes and what nourishes you appears in the clearing smoke.

Transformation is the reward for this hard work.  The body commonly sounds an alarm during a phoenix year (cancer, inflammatory pain, heart issues, reproductive dysfunction, etc.).  The learning curve can be steep and the pace of gathering information can reach light speed.  However, the body can also become the most impressive guide and responder!  Clients often report profound improvements in their mind-body awareness and significant advances in overall function.  During these times, the wellness tool kit expands with new protocols and strategic applications that can be used for a better way forward.

Join the Rebirth Party on Friday, May 12th, 4-7pm at our annual Birthday Open House.  This colorful celebration and community building event is not to be missed.  All are welcome, so invite your friends, family and holistic health practitioners.  Snacks, demos, samples and raffles for free sessions and products make it well worth your while to stop by for some fun and games.

As well, this year we will be polling for logo updates and expanded location ideas.  Make your voice and opinion known.  At Tummy Temple, we have always guided our decision making by asking, “What does the community need?”  This type of community relationship is how we remain independent; a status that allows us to be true to what heals versus what is determined medically necessary by insurance companies.

AND, Thank You for your support in keeping our independent fire burning.

In gratitude,

Featured-Templer Kristi

Kristi Zimmer, LMP

Co-Owner of Tummy Temple