Do You Have Ants in Your Pants? Let’s Dance!

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I can’t stop moving… I guess I was born with ants in my pants. I couldn’t keep my feet still at the dinner table. Every bit of free time was spent doing cartwheels. My free spirit reveled in this amazing expressive instrument called the body. Fingers, toes, a back that bends and legs that kick high – what’s not to love! You can see how I grew up to be a full-blown body geek.

Fast forward 40+ years, and I continue to embrace the spirit of that kind of relationship with the intimate instrument of my body. Things need oiling, nourishment, rest and sometimes more gentle movement, but the spirit can still push the edges of what’s comfortable and enliven me.

Recently, I attended my Goddaughter’s roller skating party and found myself moving to the music like the good old days, but with a deeper satisfaction. It seems there are times that we move to gain understanding of ourselves, and then there are times when there is something that we know inside that we long to express. Roller skating allowed me to let out a part of me that I know so well now, but I don’t let out often enough.

As the sun returns to our cool Pacific NorthWest territory, may we be inspired to move; to let something circulate to the surface of our being. May the season of the fire element stoke our ability to take in nourishment and let go of what is no longer serving us. May healthy blood pump through our hearts and spread joy throughout our systems in a way that keeps us from sitting still. And if ants crawl up your pants this summer, may you laugh and start dancing and never stop moving to the beat of your own drum.

In joyful service,






Kristi Zimmer, LMP

Co-Owner of the Tummy Temple