Calling All Weekend Warriors!

Dr. Jamie Doughty, NDNewsletter Articles

Are you a weekend warrior?

At your job all week and then on Saturday will build a deck, mow the lawn and manicure the bushes or maybe race in a 5K? As the days warm and the weather pleases we often push our bodies to new physical heights on weekends that can leave some aches and pains come Monday morning.

Did you know, the foods we eat on a daily basis can either aggravate or lessen inflammatory reactions in our joints and muscles?

To stand strong and tall avoid trans and saturated fats from processed foods and dairy and eat more garlic, leafy greens, beets, broccoli, berries, and omega 3’s from salmon. If you are struggling with osteo- or rheumatoid arthritis, a daily fish oil supplement along with a proteolytic enzyme formula can keep inflammation and pain at bay.

I like Nutrizyme [sold at our Seattle location], it contains anti-inflammatory components to support overall joint health improving flexibility, mobility, range of motion and a speedy recovery following exertion.

Hurray for early birds chirping, sprinkler fun and warm nights ahead!