Tummy Temple Times: Feb 2016 – The Chemistry of Love and Reproductive Health

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It seems fitting that we celebrate love in the cozy stillness of February. There is a natural desire to be close and intimate during this quiet time nestled between the holidays and the bustle of spring. This cuddle time turns on our Love chemistry and nourishes our reproductive system. When this system is functioning well, we feel creative and connected to our dreams and loved ones.  A softness can emerge, allowing us to put on those rose tinted glasses, and see what’s tender underneath any rough exterior. 

We are well equipped to be Re- Productive.  It’s embedded in the design of our bodies and brains.  When our brain is in relaxation mode (aka “breed and feed”) our digestive and reproductive systems take center stage. Oxytocin and other love hormones swirl around our bodies informing muscles to soften, glands to secrete lubricants, and blood to flow to important places.  Creative juices flourish and inspiration to bring something forth begins to take on a form.  Whatever your baby might be (art, an idea, a book, a human, an organization, or a cherry pie) you must be in the relaxation mode of the brain/body (Parasympathetic to be exact) to effectively create it. 

Fight or Flight brain chemistry is anything but loving.  It helps us adapt quickly to stress and survive so that we have a chance to reproduce again.  If you find yourself devoid of creativity, it might be possible that you are over stimulated or stressed.  You might even be exhausted from being overstimulated or stressed.  Still the brain isn’t buying that it’s time to cuddle up or whip out a paintbrush, and true rest is hard to achieve.  This chemistry often needs some supplemental attention and informative lab testing.  

It seems, at times, that loving attention to “love chemistry” has been lost in modern medical approaches.  Bodies are forced through invasive techniques to work like machines.  We put ovarian hormone production on a schedule, rob uteruses of monthly cycles and pump up penises with performance drugs.  These remarkable organs hanging out in the bottom of the bowl of the pelvis bear the weight of our fertility demands and cultural stigmas around male and female roles.  We take them out like the recycling and downplay their chemical impact on the way we experience ourselves. 

I say bring on the love chemistry! A set of rose colored glasses for all OBGYN’s!  Chocolate for all menstruating women! A shield of mental protection for all men bearing the brunt of chronic criticism! A dozen roses for every woman having a hysterectomy! Hot tubs for stressed men! Babysitters and house cleaning support for new Moms! Cuddles for kids! Massages for all! 

Now how does that sound for rose tinted glasses?

With love,

Kristi Zimmer, LMP

Co-Owner of Tummy Temple