Tummy Temple Times – Dec 2015: An Instrument of Peace

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The world yearns for peace.  Our global community openly acknowledges this more during the holidays than any other time of the year.  We all know that peace begins within, but how do we actually create that experience, and what does it literally feel like?  Allow me a moment to share…

There is a sweet spot in every session at the Temple that we always strive to reach.  It’s that point where the client drops into the parasympathetic state; where the brain turns away from fight or flight and turns on the restorative mechanisms of the body, naturally.  Whether in a body work session or a therapeutic consultation, we hear sounds of digestion, full exhales, and sometimes sighs or tears.  We observe relaxed shoulders, unfretted foreheads and open hands.  Although getting to this place might feel like a battle, once you are there the state of peacefulness that naturally arises from within is unmistakable.  In that moment, we are reminded that our bodies are divinely designed to move toward balance.

December 21st marks the winter solstice and our attention turns to the water element; the kidney, bladder and adrenal system.  This system helps us manage stress and the effects of fear as well as balance the blood volume and its contents.  When these systems are out of balance, we can feel anything BUT peaceful!  This stress management system that thrives on moderation needs regular nourishment this time of the year to stay strong and at ease.    

Inflammation and depleted water energy go hand in hand, so proper hydration and anti-inflammatory diets provide much needed support to these delicate systems.  Maintaining balanced pH levels plays an important role in keeping sensitive kidney and bladder tissues healthy.  Adrenal issues are more common than most people think and peak after times of intensive, chronic stress and with hormonal shifts (such as the menopausal years).  If you have lost your buffer and are quick to inflamed states, both physically and mentally, then you may need to address this system.  

As the energy from the sun wanes, it becomes more and more important to focus on conserving kidney energy.  Build in time to rest after hyper stimulating holiday events.  Nourish with herbal teas and broths.  Allow the natural process of repair that your body craves by turning inward and observing the wonderful world within.  Even a few mindful minutes of relaxed breathing here and there will soothe over-worked kidneys and adrenals and increase energy stores.  These are the energy stores that you will need to build a buffer that leads to peaceful interaction and reduced reactivity.  

So as we enter the season of peaceful awareness and good will towards men/women, take time to treat your body like a Temple.  Soothe it, calm it and downshift your monkey mind.  Let your soft hands, relaxed smile, and open arms be an instrument of peace.

Many blessings to you and yours,

Kristi Zimmer, LMP

Co-Owner of Tummy Temple