Tummy Temple Times: April 2016 – Detox Nation

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Let’s build a detox nation!  Yes, you heard me correctly.  It takes a wellness geek to fully appreciate that statement, but humor me for just a moment and let’s imagine…

A world where people regularly cleanse themselves of harmful thoughts, stressful beliefs, tense bodies and unnecessary toxins.  If we cleared ourselves regularly inside, then what might the world outside of our spirit homes look like?  If we all spent at least one week this spring purging our livers, the storage place for anger and resentment and toxins, would our communities be healthier and friendlier?  I’d like to try. 

This Spring it’s time to dig deep… deep down inside our bodies and pull out things that have been hiding and want to be released into the light of day.  How do we loosen the grip of winter’s congestion and allow for vitality buds to spring forth in our being?

DETOX YOUR LIVER!  No, seriously.  Enough of the fluff.  This amazing organ is aching for love this month.  A spring cleanse is like a birthday present for your hard working liver.  It works hard all year detoxifying, nourishing and managing hormones, so why not pay it some attention during its favorite season?

Livers love certain things:

  1. Specific vitamins and amino acids.  Every good liver cleanse should give a little nutrient support to help the liver do its job; most notably N-Acetyl L–Glucosamine, C and B Vitamins
  2. Herbs.  Some of the most well-known plant allies of the liver are milk thistle, dandelion root and pau d’arco.  They are designed by mother nature to give the liver much needed protection and nourishment. 
  3. Good quality oil… extra virgin olive oil, in particular.  When the liver and gall bladder come into the presence of good quality oil, they jump for joy!  They get to exercise their purpose and secrete emulsifying juice (bile) on the oil and then wait for the fat soluble nutrients to rain down on the body like manna from heaven.
  4. Castor oil.  Oh yes, the circulating effects of castor oil on the liver have been appreciated by many looking to deeply loosen liver congestion.  Now it evens comes in a roll on for easy application.  The liver loves modern conveniences, too!
  5. Bowel regularity.  Keep those bowels moving and keep the liver happy.  If the liver doesn’t have to reabsorb any toxins recirculating from sluggish bowels it won’t become resentful and hold grudges of sludges. 
  6. Electrolytes.  These ionic minerals keep liver juice, aka. bile, viscous and healthy.  These charged up minerals, along with the stimulation of good quality oil, help to keep the gall bladder pumping, free of pain and inflammation. 
  7. Love.  If love makes the world go around, how could it NOT help your liver?  If the liver tends to attract and store up your resentment and anger energy, then it seems to me that taking a moment to focus on the lovely things in life might just be good for your liver.  Chinese medicine practitioners tracked and observed that point for thousands of years, so it’s good enough for me. 

So at the risk of sounding very light hearted about this serious liver business, I honorably request your commitment to clean it up this spring.  Won’t you join me?  Join all of us at the Temple, loving our livers and forming our Detox Nation!


In joyful service,

Kristi Zimmer, LMP

Co-Owner of Tummy Temple