Tim’s 20 Day Dream Cleanse

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Like I’ve mentioned in my previous emails, the BEST part of this cleanse is meeting so many of you who have been inspired, and in turn, re-inspire me!  Case in point, Tim Zimmer, Tummy Temple Co-Owner decided to “Tim-ify” my cleanse, ramp it up to the nexl level, invite a friend, and transform himself!  He took the guidelines of “Katy’s Cleanse” and made it his own verson–a 20 Day Dream Cleanse!  He’s taking it to the MAX and looks amazing, relaxed, happy, and full of vitality!  

I’d love to hear some of your cleansing stories, too!  Share with us on Facebook or email me directly: [email protected].  

Happy Cleansing,

Katy, Temple Manager

Here are Tim’s thoughts about his experience with his cleanse:

“Day 10: the exact mid-point, of my 20-Day Dream Cleanse.  I am so psyched I still have 10 more days to go!  This is the first time I have ever cleansed and gotten to a point where I don’t want it to end.  I wish I had shared each day the cleanse with all of you from Day 1!  However, to be fair, I needed to settle into the cleanse through some bumps in the road first.

I have come to appreciate my body therapy sessions on a whole new level during this cleanse.  Receiving 1-3 sessions  at the Temple every 2-3 days has provided room for short term goals.  Those goals have ultimately been to make the most of the cleanse before each session in order to get the most out of each session.  An unexpected and powerful gift has been the witnessing each practitioner offers.  It inspires me to do better and the feedback I get from the sessions helps me tune into holding patterns and then actively release them; mainly through hands-on bodywork and movement (e.g. yoga, dance, Pilates.  I do my own form of balancing/fascia stretching).

Halloween was challenging and I met the challenge well.  I did get into a few organic gummy bears and some over-sugared gluten free cereal.  I made it through my daughter’s 3 year birthday in a fully celebratory fashio–less the cake and treats.  I ate a few more gummy bears and dug into the cereal a few more times over the next 4 days.  And then, it started to happen…about 2 days ago, my sugar cravings faded away!  Last night I stayed on the cleanse with little effort.  I am so excited to get to this point.  

I had a realization last night as I looked in the mirror.  I have been bummed by the fact that I didn’t weigh myself before the cleanse.  So, I can’t report how much I’ve lost.  Then, I realized that I stopped weighing myself regularly more than a decade ago.   On occasion I’ll weigh myself for curiosity’s sake.  There was a time when I would get stressed about the number being higher than I wanted.  Then I just stopped caring.  I traded out watching my weight with how I felt in my body.   I would guess I feel about 6 pounds lighter.  More importantly my feet don’t hurt when I get out bed in the morning, my joints are clearly more lubricated and limber, I’ve been making incredible headway into releasing a lot of bloating and tension down the center of my belly, I can get my fingers at least another half inch under my rib cage, my increased mental clarity leaves me feeling more connected and alive, my sleep is feeling more rejuvenating, I’m more in love with my beautiful wife, my mood is happier, I’m calmer, I’ve had 1 major space clearing and am about to have another, I’ve worked through 2 important business relationship challenges, and I am more excited about what I’m doing in the world with the Tummy Temple than ever before.

In addition, I’ve been doing this cleanse with my good friend and Tummy Temple client, John.  That has helped me focus and achieve more on this cleanse; yet another witness!  It has been fun to share how we are each doing and be inspired by each other.  It feels great to be lifting each other up by just being there for each other.  Thank you, John!

There are still 10 more days to go!!!  Katy, our manager, started her cleanse just a little while ago.  To see her shift so quickly, dramatically and positively on so many levels was an inspiration to help me get going with my Dream Cleanse.  Thank you, Katy!

So with all of this said, I hope you are inspired.  I invite you to join me (and bring a friend!).”

Start your own 10-20 Day Dream Cleanse using the following guidelines:


    2-3 Nutriclear Shakes / day (according to comfort level)
    1-3 BioDetox packs /day (according to comfort level)
    1-2 Health Force Green drink / day (according to comfort level)


    1 Naturopathic Doctor consult (ideally with a diagnostic colonic) to review plan to ensure safety, efficacy and restoration
    1-3 Mayan Abdominal massage (beginning, middle, end)
    1 Colonic every other day
    1-2 Lymphatic therapy sessions per week (best when paired with a colonic)


    Eliminate the following as quickly as possible (do your best and don’t beat yourself up with falling off the cleanse a bit):
        Processed grain foods (all gluten)

After Your Cleanse:

    ​1 Temple Biotic / meal for 30 days