The Language of Body Love: Feb 2014 Newsletter

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It’s true that the Templers are body work junkies; meaning, we just can’t get enough of attending to these physical temples of the spirit.  However, let’s consider, for a moment, why we are caught up in this love affair.  For starters, it just feels better to be healthy.  Less pain, improved energy, more flexibility, balanced weight, mental clarity… what’s not to love about the markers of a healthy lifestyle and body?  

Being in touch with your body is empowering and even pleasurable when you learn the language of body love.  The body sends messages every day about what it needs and revelations about what is happening within.  Paying loving attention to these messages allows for a more dynamic and harmonious relationship with the body.  You hear its struggles and desires and you can also reply with your own interests and healthy, directive guidance.  Consequently, if you never pay attention to the body temple, then you find yourself confused and disconnected when issues arise.  As well, your interests are rarely met with success as the channels of communication between your thoughts and your flesh remain weak.  These are not the markers of a healthy relationship and certainly do not reflect a path of pleasure when addressing physical needs and goals.

So back to the practice of the language of body love…it’s actually rather simple.  Take a deep breath into your belly and imagine yourself smiling at yourself.  Lovingly ask your body, “Oh my dearest and truest body, that has been with me since the beginning of my time, what might you enjoy right now?  A glass of water, a stretch, a quick walk, a short rest?  Do tell me the desires of your heart and allow me to oblige you with care.”  

Sound a bit crazy to you?  It did to me, too, at first.  But let’s face it.  The body relationship will exist regardless of whether you choose pain and annoyance or one of pleasure and harmony.  I’ve tried the pain/annoyance route and my body responded like a stubborn mule.  Sometimes it would listen to my demands and medications and sometimes it wouldn’t.  Now, my body and I chat lovingly about my daily internal news.  I nurture myself with massages, nourishing foods, and a kicked back moment on the couch once in a while.  I’ll take the pleasure route any day over riding the mule.

I invite you to enjoy the encouraging words of my colleagues below… more masters of the language of body love.

With love and adoration,

Kristi Zimmer, LMP

Co-Owner of Tummy Temple


Image Credits:  All images are licensed from  Magical Loving Heart: Umnola