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Don’t get spooked by the viruses & the flu!   Take charge of your immunity and your health.   It’s Fall and after a spectacular Summer, we are all due for a tune up.  Cruise through the holiday season without illness & without gaining weight!

In this 2 week tune-up you’ll get tips on cleansing & boosting your immune system throughout November and December. Join Tummy Temple Facebook page now for immune boosting tips.  You can pick the dates that suit your schedule best!


Several factors raise our ability to get ill in the fall:

  • Weather changes- rain & cool allow for a surge in mold & mildew
  • Cold and Flu viruses thrive in fall weather conditions
  • Fall pollens increase allergies
  • Cumulative lack of sleep from the summer months and starting fall routines
  • Summer drinking & partying decreases the immune response
  • Fall/Winter eating of sugar-rich foods that challenge the immune system
  • Stress, both cumulative and acute

Super Immune Boost Plan:

2 hr combination Naturopathic consult & Naturopathic Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.

  • assess your immune weak spots & create a treatment plan
  • cleanse your lymph system with Decongestive Lymphatic therapy
  • build a strong winter foundation
  • get Dr. Lisa’s top recommendations for supplements to take, foods to eat,
  • and lifestyle actions at the first signs of a cold or flu
  • Spend more time this holiday season enjoying the company of
  • friends & family, thriving at work, and being active instead of spending it in
  • bed.
  • Get a 2 week meal-plan that will cleanse your body, boost the immune
  • system, and revitalize your energy.
  • Prepare to enter the holiday season without gaining weight.

This plan includes:

  • 1 hr Naturopathic Consult with Dr. Lisa ($150)
  • 1 hr Naturopathic Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy Session with Dr. Lisa ($120)
  • 1 hr Signature Colonic ($90)**

Total cost is $360*.  Prepay and get $400 worth of products and services!  Save 10%!    

*Includes a $90 colon hydrotherapy session** with one of our signature colon hydrotherapists.  You may choose to upgrade to another therapist for an additional charge.  Cannot be combined with any other discounts.  

You SAVE $40!  

You GAIN energy to enjoy your Winter and kick illness in the butt!

Note:  The information above is from the Tummy Temple Times Nov 2014 newsletter.  Pricing and availability is only relevant to the period of the newsletter.