Reclaiming… (from Tummy Temple Times: Nov 2015)

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By Jamie Lashbrook

Where have you gone dear one?

Your soul has wandered so far it seems

Come close and breath into your divine flesh as I perfume your heart with words of love

and witness as your eyes empty in crystal streams

I see your stories raveled and twisted and buried out of sight

the programming of this life-  you’re so tired I know-

Has thickened your skin from feeling the flicker of your own blazing light

Rest, exhale, collapse your tired bones and let go

and know the truth that the only journey worth a calloused foot

is the one that comes swirling in from the realm of Universal flow

As you relearn the words, sweetheart, to your own ancient song

You may open your throat and a voice unfamiliar

Will come tumbling from where your soul has been hiding for so very long

Trust now- the veil is thinning that blankets the unseen

The ones who have waited for you to remember, to reclaim

your magic, your mystery and your wildest star kissed dreams.

It’s time…

Every day I witness exhausted spirits, depleted bodies and souls craving to sing their long forgotten sovereign song.   I see a reflection of myself (yes, I know the journey well) and the lessons the body and the soul will teach when we wander away from our inner call due to fear of letting our light shine.  This time of year illuminates this as we are literally harvesting the answers to prayers, intentions and dreams and having to let go of what inhibits our highest self from emerging.  However, if our bodies and our spirits are in deficit, if we are depleted and exhausted, then dis-ease and emotional chaos will be what we gleen.   But, this is only our body’s way of trying to wake us up to our spirit’s calling.  And when we can trust this divine system we can begin to reclaim parts of ourselves that have been buried under stress, fear and imbalance in our lives.


This is not an easy journey, but in my opinion, it is the only journey.  You must start slow- I know from experience.  Once you embark on healing the spirit and listening to the song in your heart- once you decide to harvest the answers to what was sparked in you from season’s past your outer life will shift dramatically- it will be uncomfortable.  And, there is no shortcut.  Your body will require rest, you must be willing to let go of what does not align with your healing, you must nourish yourself and you must get support.   But slow is key as the body moves at Earth’s pace as it is literally of dust and dirt while the spirit moves like the wind- like the light of the twinkling stars.  If you race through, if you grab at too many lessons your body will slow you down and it will hurt or things in your life will begin to unravel- and it will hurt.


I know that supporting and honoring your body so your spirit can fly is much mush easier said than done as your shadows around self -love and self- care will be illuminated as you find your light.  But, do not not disappear into the darkness that emerges- because we need you, your light, your love and your soul’s song.


Bodywork:  When I was unraveling- (literally) I realized that I had let my support systems go.  I now have some body centered self-care on my calendar each week. Sometimes fear of not having enough time or enough money can stop us- can stop me.  But, you will be supported by Universal flow when you say yes to yourself and putting your song into the world- I promise.

Sit with yourself:  Each day it is vital that you sit and reflect on your actions, your dreams, your shadows and simply observe your body.  I ask clients to start with 5 minutes every morning- just five.  Breathe into your feelings and just observe.  No matter how overwhelming they are remember they are there to teach you.

Support your systems:  Schedule a consult with an ND or a health coach (like me) and see where nutritionally you may need support.

Sleep:  You must rest.

Casting sweet dreams to you on your journey.


Jamie Lashbrooke, LMP