Pre-Holiday Cleansing! What a Great Idea!

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People often associate cleansing with Spring when a post-holiday reset is needed.  However, setting the body up for success before you head into the holiday will keep your body and mind better equipped to deal with the added stressors of too much sweets and treats and the emotional burden of how busy we all get with parties, people, family and friends.  I know you may be thinking that a cleanse during the Fall sounds cold and depleting since we typically think cleansing must involve restriction and survival on cold green juice…

A Fall cleanse is all about building the body up, increasing digestive fire and tonifying our organs for year-long success with fewer desperate pushes of the reset button.   Think deeply nourishing foods, some supportive cleansing supplements and full body healing techniques that address our organ health and elimination.

When the body is prepared with strong digestion, healthy organs and a clear mind we are able to make healthier decisions around how we indulge – or not.  And, with strong, healthy digestion when we do decide to splurge on some festivities (and you should), your body can assimilate them without going into a full internal panic… thus reducing the need for a major push of the reset button.

Ok, so I know you are a bit hesitant to jump on all alone and are wondering exactly what “building your digestive fire” entails.  For starters you should never cleanse alone (no fun), and so here is a plan that will teach you and your body how to stay ignited all season long with amazing support from me and the Tummy Temple.  

How it works:
Join me at the Tummy Temple as I, and my fellow healing colleagues ignite our digestive fire through a 2 week nourishing, building and detoxifying cleanse.   The plan is full body ignition using a few key supplements by Thorne and Biotics Research with the supportive healing of Maya Abdominal Massage, Colon Hydrotherapy and Lymphatic Drainage.    You can begin whenever you would like in the coming weeks pre-holiday.  

How to begin:
Since I really believe in creating a package that works for your time, body and budget I am providing a FREE consultation (approx. 20-30 mins) over the phone to make it easy.  Simply email me at [email protected] .  Want to just start?  Simply call the Tummy Temple to schedule an appt.

And, if you join the cleanse – regardless of how much or little you participate- I will provide your first Maya Abdominal session at $10 off!  I believe in healing~ not hurdles.  

Jamie Lashbrook, LMP


Note:  This article was part of the Tummy Temple Times Nov 2013 Newsletter.  Pricing and offers are time limited and may change without notice.