Pelvic Health Will Open Your Heart

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by Jamie Lashbrook, LMP

I laid down to maintain connection with my uterus/sacral chakra, as you suggested -being that I haven’t connected with the self-care massage. I spiraled through a cycle of breaths with one hand on my sacral chakra, one on my heart. A few moments into this, I had an image of a magenta chrysanthemum blooming internally, where my uterus holds space. Instantaneously, tears started flowing. A few hours later, I started my bleed. I have no cramping. Something…”.  ~words from a client. 
When I began working directly with abdominal and pelvic health I knew that I was stepping into a powerful realm.   I understood the benefits of abdominal care from a physiological view as that can be quite objective and measured.  But it is in the unmeasurable and magical shifts that the body goes through when the unseen parts of us are accessed that the elusive path to opening one’s heart begins to appear.  And most of those unseen parts live deep within the most sacred and misunderstood parts of our body.  In my experience the root of your journey truly begins in the pelvic bowl as it houses your ideas about  love, creation, sex, fear, shame, pleasure (doesn’t always mean sex) and communion.  To further clarify, pelvic bowl/health is in reference to your reproductive organs physically and your first and second chakras energetically.  
Most of us do not even think about our pelvic health as we were never taught about how we should feel about our pelvis.  In fact, most of us were taught to not feel, to not talk and to not think too long about what happens in your pelvis as you may be considered “loose” or immoral.  When we create stories and withhold education those feelings of fear, shame, guilt and more are born directly into the very part of us that the story is based.  These dangerous messages are what I believe to be the basis for the amount of abuse (verbal and sexual) and the derogatory and harmful portrayal of sexuality in our society.  I realize that this is very sensitive material but it is necessary to name what lurks in our dark places in order for our lives, our love and our hearts to blossom. 
The pelvis, as mentioned, holds our reproductive organs- our sexual and creative function.  If there has been trauma, surgery, dis-ease and other lifestyle/life-story factors that have affected our pelvis we will very likely have physical imbalances that manifest in sexual dysfunction, painful menstrual cycles, fertility issues, pelvic pain and more.  These are all signs that your pelvic health is in need of attention and not necessarily the kind that takes a pill or an invasive surgery.   We may also have a sense of imbalance in our relationship to self.   This may show up in ways that you wouldn’t relate directly to your pelvic bowl.  Do you ever feel like you cannot express what you know deep down in your heart?  Do you have a “sense” that you know the reason you are having pain and imbalances but you do not know how to access the wisdom and strength to guide you?   
By accessing the physical and energetic components in the very place that holds your ability to create, reproduce, connect sensually and feel pleasure your heart center will naturally begin to open.  You will begin to feel safe, grounded and more expressive in your body as new energy, blood, oxygen and nutrients can flow more freely.   How do I know? I see it daily in my clients.  I have taken the path and have witnessed an opening in myself that only comes from knowing your pelvis and her/his messages intimately.  
What is Pelvic Health?
•Your periods are regular and easy
•You know when you ovulate and feel juicy
•You can easily maintain an erection
•You have a healthy appetite for sex and can achieve orgasm
•Your hips move without restriction and pain
•Feeling grounded in your “sense of self” and with others
•Being in touch with your sexuality and the ability to express your feelings
•The ability to listen to your body’s cues without fear
•Having access to your creativity 
•You trust the messages in your heart -then allow the mind to initiate the movement
How do I achieve pelvic health? 
Beginning the journey into understanding your pelvic health may seem a bit daunting as it will stir emotions and possibly move you to shifting a paradigm of thought you have lived with as “true” for your entire life.  If you are not ready to address the emotional piece, simply allow the physical benefits to do their work and the rest will follow for you. You will want guidance, you will need tools and you will have to be ready to commit to this path.  
Maya Abdominal Massage. This non-invasive abdominal therapy is specific mostly to pelvic health and vitality.  By addressing the reproductive organ positioning and stagnation you can begin to balance and nourish the pelvic bowl.     (men also benefit)
Vaginal Steams: Vaginal steams are exactly what they sound like.  You create a lustral steam of specific herbs, flowers, and plants.  Then you sit over the steam and allow it to work its way up into your pelvic bowl softening, opening and decongesting all of the vaginal and uterine tissues.  In my practice I guide woman in how to do this simply at home.  “It felt like a much needed ritual.”- client  
Sitz Baths:  For those of you who do not have vaginas or are very sensitive, the sitz bath is quite therapeutic.  Again, I like to use herbs and flowers in any bathing type practice I do.  You can add salts and vinegar for additional cleansing.  Simply immerse your lower half in a bath of your concoction and warm water, sit for about 10 minutes, drain and finish with a quick cool bath.  
Kundalini Yoga. This powerful practice works with specific breath techniques and movements to awaken life force energy at the base of the spine- or your kundalini.  As this life force rises it moves stuck energy up and out of the body. 
Herbs and flowers:  My favorite all time herbs for the “pelvic bowl love” are hibiscus, rose and damiana.  You can take them in tea form, bathe with them, buy the essences or essential oil and massage them into your pelvic bowl.  All three are for opening and nourishing love, libido and flow. 
 and  Tonic:   These tonics are made from herbs harvested in the Belizean Rainforest with prayer and love. Each tonic is specific to clearing stagnation in the pelvic bowl. The Female Tonic has an added herb specifically for feminine insight.  You can buy these at discount in February at the Tummy Temple! ** If you  remember discount code: “Jamie” at checkout!  
Embrace this month of LOVE to begin the journey of how healing your pelvic bowl will create the path to opening your big, beautiful heart.  
As always I would love to hear from you regarding your pelvic and abdominal health- or just to say hello.