Pause, Reflect & Plan – Tummy Temple Times Dec 2013 Newsletter Intro

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Closure is a beautiful thing.  The ritual of “pause and reflect” before moving on to something new allows for proper integration.  This momentary “breath” helps to keep stress from negatively accumulating in the body and mind.  

At the end of each year, it’s beneficial to reflect and assess.  What is the state of my health; how rhythmic is my life; has my body caught up with all the events and evolutions of my mind?  Does my current lifestyle support me being well?  These are some of things that we ask as we near the end of the year and prepare for the inward journey of winter.  

As I reflect on the past year at the Tummy Temple I am delighted by one particular observation.  This year we have seen a significant rise in group cleansing and wellness activities.  This is a very exciting new option for socializing in a healthy way and increasing successful results.  I found this to be true when I embarked on a fall cleanse with friends and clients.  Even though we were all on different programs, we still enjoyed supporting each other through the process. 

Many friends are supporting each other by cleansing together on 3 day, 10 day or even 21 day programs.  Couples are coming together alone and in larger groups with other couples for healthy date nights.  Women’s groups are becoming more common place, gathering in the Serenity Lounge for tea and conversation.  Families with children are being treated together to create dynamic and healthy family units.   Food has been delivered by delicious Thrive Café, our skillful Practitioners have custom designed events and private parties have been organized.  Classes in our community space have offered a unique opportunity for wellness minded clients to connect.   Many clients are already planning their New Year’s cleansing programs with friends, because it’s just more fun to accomplish wellness resolutions together.

The holiday season offers us a grand opportunity to reach out and warm our hearts with the company of our friends and loved ones once more before we hibernate.  Use this time to pause, reflect and plan with wellness-minded friends.  Establish meaningful connections that will that will enliven you in 2014.

Many Blessings

by Kristi Zimmer, LMP
Co-Owner of Tummy Temple