Lemonade for your Lady Parts

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Lemonade for Your Lady Parts


by Jamie Lashbrook, LMP


Everyone loves fresh lemonade in the summer.  And, I have been practically dosing myself on this amazing herbal lemonade recipe I created that will love up your lady parts.  It is full of nourishing herbs, spicy ginger and lots of fresh lemon.  Oh- and it’s PINK!  

The base of this nourishing summertime beverage is an herbal infusion.  Infusions are similar to simple teas but they steep for at least 4 hours in order to draw out the maximum benefit of the herbs being used.

You will need a large jar or large French press cleaned of all coffee grounds.  I use sprouting jars for all of my infusions as they are the perfect size and come equipped with an easy strain mesh top- and they are cheap.  I have quite a few so I can do a couple of infusions at a time.

Lemonade for Your Lady Parts Recipe 

I don’t typically measure anything as I like to go on feel.  Some days I want more ginger so I add more.  Or, I don’t want any sweetener so I skip the bit of stevia leaf.  If I am coming close to my menses I may boost the red raspberry a pinch.   Play with what you feel but here is a rough guideline…

•    Raspberry Leaf– one small handful (1/2 cup):  Raspberry leaf is simply food for your uterus.  It also adds a slight raspberry flavor to the lemonade.

•    Hibiscus Flowers– I use about 8-10 of the dried whole flowers.  Hibiscus is full of vitamin C which is necessary for healthy ovulation and, of course immunity.  It also has wonderful astringent properties so it is very good consumed before and during your moon.  This is what makes everything pink-in the lemonade that is.

•    Oatstraw– One small handful (1/2 cup): Oats are an incredible nervine and have been used to ease anxiety, depression, irritability and low sexual vitality.  In fact oatstraw has been used for addressing low libido in men and women for centuries.  It has a very mild taste.

•    Fresh Ginger– 1/4 cup thinly sliced:  Ginger is an incredible anti- inflammatory and digestive aid.  Adjust to your taste.

•    Stevia– one tiny pinch of raw leaf:  A little goes a long way.  You could use a tiny amount of raw honey.

•    Lemons– about 3 medium organic lemons.

Bring adequate amount of water to a boil in a pot, enough to fill, or almost fill the jar.  Add the ginger and simmer for 10 minutes.  Put all of the herbs in the jar and pour the water over.  Give thanks to the herbs for their potent healing and you can whisper intentions into your infusion as you work.  If your water doesn’t fill the jar all the way- no worries.  You can always add more.  Let the infusion sit (in the sun if you can) for at least 4 hours, but no more than 8 as you don’t want things to get funky.  Refrigerate until cold.  Add as much lemon as you want- strain and drink up.

You’re welcome!