January 2015 Newsletter: Vision vs. Burnout

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Happy New Year to our valued clients and greater Tummy Temple community! We are eager and ready to join you on your personal health odyssey in 2015. In the beginning of each turning year we welcome returning and new clients with a burning interest in achieving wellness goals. To avoid the typical resolution burnout and create sustainable changes, our response is to offer an effective kick start accompanied by a personalized year-long plan to manifest your vision.

The changing year marks the proverbial “clean slate” moment when one can easily envision a new and improved self. We usually feel a surge in motivation to create change. This is a great time to do a kick start cleanse, recognizing it for what it is; a “kick start” to a new way of being well. However, the trouble sets in when we don’t use the clarity gained during these clean-up programs to create a vision for the year.

Remember, we are at the beginning of winter, a time when nature prefers conservation and hibernation. Without a long range approach and mind set, we may fall off the wagon by the time February rolls around. The power we feel and may harness now has more to do with metamorphic change than an instant fix. The changes we seek require today’s planning, spring’s birthing, summer’s full expression, fall’s recalling, and next winter’s permanent revelation.

So, before your mind begins running off into oblivion with details and lists on how to create the newest version of yourself, take a moment to Feel. What does this new and improved version of yourself feel like? Let that feeling wash over you; expanding your breath, softening your face, shoulders, hands, feet and belly. Cultivate vitality from this place, allowing your body/mind to adjust the way that it’s operating according to this new feeling… a wellbeing reboot, if you will. This is the place to which you will return to empower your efforts all year.

Throughout the month of January we will be guiding and joining you in this process of creating resolutions for wellbeing. Join us for either a brief, post-holiday reset program or shed off deeper layers that were added on throughout last year and beyond. Your Temple Team is waiting for you at the starting gate with an outstretched hand ready to help you find some New Year’s clarity, feel emerging vitality and create a personalized plan to make your wellness dreams a reality.

Read on in this newsletter for some compelling invitations from our Practitioners to join them on the great journey to being well in 2015!


In joyful service,

Kristi Zimmer, LMP

Co-Owner of Tummy Temple




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