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It was whispered to me in a bodywork session this week:

It is the love you have for yourself that heals your body.

Let’s entertain this for a moment.

What if this were true?

It could mean that remedies and therapies and surgeries are helpful only to the degree that they help you to “link up” your own love (power) with your physical functioning. That they function by assisting you to target the source of the imbalance and bring you back to center.

Physical, chemical, energetic, temporal, relational, environmental…any medium that resonates with you could work to unleash the power of your own healing response.

It could mean that your own loving intent and intimate knowledge of yourself IS what gets you better.
If this were true…

And you needed to heal something…

How would you access this power of yours?

What strength and volume of love do you have available to do this with? Do you have the ability to focus it? What if you wanted to increase your capacity to love yourself in this way? What if you needed help?

Did you know that you yourself are actually a whole community of beings? More like an ecosystem, with your own weather, tides, currents and symbiotic relationships? That the beings in your gut need your love and that you need theirs? Or that your mitochondria, that give their power to every cell, may have once been their own separate form of life, that said “I do” to your cell? Or that your heart manufactures and reacts to hormone messengers that regulate processes in your body and you may affect and perceive this emotionally?
We know (and may love) parts of ourselves…but what about the parts we don’t know? What about the parts that we think are “bad”, or the parts that seem to have turned their backs on us? What about the parts we were never introduced to? The parts we don’t know their language? How will we draw on their love? How will we have adequate volume of love to use if we do not remember and value all of ourselves?

These would become very important questions…

…if this were true.

Not only for the health and happiness of our personal ecosystem, but for the communities and ecosystems of which we ourselves are a vital organelle.
“Life did not take over the globe by combat, but by networking”  

–Lynn and Dorion Sagan (2001). “Marvellous microbes”. Resurgence 206: 10–12

Amanda Coleman, LMP

Image Credits:  All images are licensed from Shutterstock.com.  Care and natural remedies in the healing process: Andrea Danti