Healing for the Holidays: Tummy Temple Times December 2014

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Winding down the year while winding up for the holidays can be a little confusing for the nervous system and your body. Make no mistake about it, this is the time of the year for slowing down and unwinding stress. In the Chinese medical model we turn our attention this month from the lungs and large intestine to the kidney, bladder and adrenal system- the water element. While there’s still a little time left to clean up your mucus membranes, the dark quiet days of winter are upon us and harken you to rest and deeply restore.


The adrenal system can get overworked this time of the year and leave you crashing into your new year’s resolutions. In fact, the whole year may have set you up for a collapse instead of an up and coming launch. Chronic stress saturates us with stress hormones that deplete the body and emotional buffer. Just as all of nature is getting ready to sleep it off, we humans are gearing up for one of the most demanding times of the year.


Stress chemistry doesn’t always come from negative events either. General excessive “busy-ness” and hyperactivity can create similar states of depletion and lead to weight gain, poor sleep, lowered immunity and irritability. The winter offers us the perfect opportunity to move out of “fight or flight” states into the “rest, digest, and repair” state of the brain. Seize the moment for healing this system and cease overwhelming activity.


During this holiday season, consider nourishing your water element with broths, teas and moments of stillness. Fill your cup and others’ by finding inner peace and sharing it. Set a new pace for yourself that leaves you restored and inspired. And if you’re feeling too dried up to achieve any of the above, then spend some time with us over the holidays. Relaxing and restorative moments are our specialty.


In joyful service,

Kristi Zimmer, LMP

Co-Owner of Tummy Temple