Grateful Belly – Tummy Temple Times Nov 2013 Introduction

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Greetings!  The “eating holidays” are upon us now.  Are you ready?  We are and we’re happy to healthfully usher you in, too!  Our goal is to ensure that our clients get the most enjoyment out of the holiday season.  We’re all too familiar with feeling stressed, bloated and a few pounds heavier after the holidays.  Now let’s consider doing it a little different this year.  What if we could eat strategically and enjoy each morsel?  What if we could feel relaxed at parties and family gatherings?  What if we could toast our friends with no concerns of a hangover headache?  Hmmmm, sounding good?  Let me reveal to you the ways of the Templers…

The Templers have developed a way of being with their bodies that creates a harmonious holiday season experience.  They utilize digestive support, get regular relaxing body work, support their livers when imbibing, and strategically avoid foods that trigger big reactions.  They also plan ahead for R & R and practice saying “No thanks!” when they are feeling overwhelmed.  Practicing the art of well-being is a part of their work as wellness providers.  But this art is not reserved for wellness providers.  You, too, can be a provider of wellness for yourself this holiday season!  

Join us for Vitality Night, Tuesday, Nov. 12th.  We will spend an hour reviewing digestive support, eating tips, common allergen foods to avoid, and self-massage.  Several members of our Temple Team will be on hand to assist and educate.  And it’s FREE!  If you are nervous about how you will get through the holiday season without adding to your waistline, anxiety attacks or IBS episodes then don’t miss this class!

Many Blessings

by Kristi Zimmer, LMP
Co-Owner of Tummy Temple