“Gimme’ Some Sugar” – Tummy Temple Times June 2014

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We’ve been asked to talk about sugar.  I have to admit that a little irritability shivered its way up my spine at the request.  “I don’t want to deal with people’s sugar addictions.  The details are too arduous and the emotional baggage is too heavy,” I immediately thought.

But then that little sweet voice appeared, as it has been trained to do, saying, “There is no right and wrong.  Just share and let truth settle into wherever it can.”  Truthfully, it is an important subject that, like all important things, deserves a conversation now and then.  The irritability settled down and my journey with sugar both professionally and personally began to meander into my awareness.

I love that little soothing voice.  I first heard it growing up in the South when people would say, “Gimme’ some sugar.”  This meant hugs, kisses, and affectionate showing of love.  I remember excitedly and lovingly embracing my Grandma when she would request my sugar.  And how sweet that my affection was considered a treat to my loved ones on par with one of my favorite sensory experiences; the taste of sugar.

I was raised on sugar; Krispy Cream donuts, Fruit Loop cereal, Pepsi and Oreos.  My body suffered the consequences with IBS, hormonal issues and energy depletion into my mid 20’s.  But the sweet voice that had been placed within my heart long ago called me out of physical sugar addiction.  You may question how self-soothing techniques and beating sugar excess go hand in hand.  I can assure you that they are married and sweetness is an essential part of a healthy life.  It’s up to you to pick your form.

In this newsletter we discuss some of the details of restoring sugar related damage.  We talk about cleansing it out of your diet and palate.  We address how to reduce cravings.  But most importantly, as you read through the articles we replace the presence of edible sugar with audible sugar… that sweet voice of unconditional love.  We honor that part of you that is on par with the most delectable dessert of your choice.   

Are you feeling a little sweeter?  A little more open?  A little more loved?  A little less resistance?

Then, “Gimme’ some sugar,” and give up the shackles of refined sugar for a much healthier relationship to the sweetness of life.

Many blessings,


Kristi Zimmer, LMP
Co-Owner of Tummy Temple