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Located in Seattle, the Tummy Temple is the largest naturopathic digestive, cleansing and detoxification clinics of its kind in the country. The collection of synergistic and integrated services offered include Naturopathic medicine, massage, decongestive lymphatic therapy, colonics, nutrition, cranial sacral therapy, restorative Yoga, hCG diet, hypnotherapy, virtual medicine and Chi Nei Tsang. We also offer our own product line to help people detoxify, energize and relax.

A new era for the country is beginning and the Tummy Temple is leading the way. The Tummy Temple is the first business in the state and in the country to restructure the foundation of its Colon Hydrotherapy department with Naturopathic Physicians.

Recognized as a leading health care practice in the Pacific Northwest we are setting standards in natural digestive and reproductive health care on a national level. The changes that are being made at present are sure to take the Tummy Temple to a whole new and very exciting level of wellness care!

We love what we do at the Tummy Temple and are looking for people that share a similar passion and excitement.

Please include in your application email the following:

  • A cover letter that addresses your positive regard for colon hydrotherapy and exemplifies an understanding of the Tummy Temple.
  • A resume that presents job history with dates by month and year.
  • A list of at least 3 professional references (previous managers and/or business owners).

NOTE: Please provide the resume in an MS Word compatible format, send to the following address and call 206-729-6211 to let us know it has been emailed:

Accepting Resumes for the following positions:


Dear Naturopathic Physician (ND),

This is a rare opportunity to build your business, expertise and reputation quickly and start making good money immediately as we have great new client inflow all the time!

The Tummy Temple is going through a restructuring of our Colon Hydrotherapy Department.

You would literally be walking into a fully matured business with an existing client base in need of your help.

These positions are long-term, renewable contract positions and ideal for recent graduates looking to launch their career. As well these positions are ideal for seasoned NDs that are ready to join a team, focus on digestion, detoxification and cleansing, fertility and want the support of an administrative staff.

NDs that join the Tummy Temple will have the opportunity to practice Colon Hydrotherapy as well as provide Naturopathic consultations and treatments.  This uncommon hands-on approach as an ND will set you apart from the masses.

With a close knit and collaborative environment of colon hydrotherapists, massage therapists, and Registerd Dietitians you will be walking into a dynamic space full of learning, education, problem solving, discovery and wellness success.

This is an exciting time for the Tummy Temple as you will be pioneering the business into the medical arena as a leader and team player.

Apply immediately as these positions fill fast.


Please read the following job description in its entirety before applying with a cover letter and resume. Only applications that show an understanding of the business and the position will be taken seriously.

Thank you and wishes to all for happy tummies!


Colon Hydrotherapy Physician: Tummy Temple

We are looking for top talent.

Are you experienced or trained in colon hydrotherapy? If not, fee-based training is available.

Are you capable of, or interested in, designing treatment plans and programs for a wide range of clients, from those dealing with bowel irregularity to severe and multi-layered health issues? Do you have strong communication skills with the ability to confidently and successfully guide people through treatment plans that you create?

You could be the next Colon Hydrotherapy Physician at the Tummy Temple!

We are looking for top talent with a proven track record of success.

Are you a team player who enjoys a fast-paced and challenging work environment? Are you interested in building standards of excellence in the industries of Colon Hydrotherapy, Natural Digestive Wellness, Cleansing and Detoxification? Would you like to work in a truly collaborative and cross-departmental environment? Are you open to learning every day you are on the job? Are you interested in teaching every day on the job? Does the thought of working with a highly educated clientele excite you?

The Tummy Temple is looking for you!


  • Integrity, honesty, and dependability
  • An adept team player
  • Strong work ethic, punctual and dependable
  • Consultative skills with a focus on win-win scenarios
  • Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Fast typing
  • Communicate clearly, concisely, both orally & in writing
  • Knowledge of general office procedures & general office equipment
  • Ability to make recommendations on changes in approach and concepts
  • Ability to set priorities, meet deadlines and manage multiple projects in a fast paced, changing environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to support multiple, simultaneous projects
  • Demonstrated ability to handle confidential & sensitive information
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to leave personal issues at the door to focus 100% on clients
  • Problem solving savvy
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Self motivation and management skills
  • Warm and friendly personality
  • Confident, passionate, and eager to learn
  • Able to handle confrontations with grace and a positive attitude
  • A quick study
  • A desire to be the best at what you do

The Tummy Temple is a national leader in natural digestive, cleansing and reproductive health care. We are setting standards on a national level.

Ideal candidates must be licensed as a Naturopathic Physician with some hands on experience performing colon hydrotherapy; the more experience the better. We are looking for an individual with an entrepreneurial spirit, a proven track record that exemplifies results and the potential for solid growth. Experience working in a spa environment is highly regarded.

This position may start part-time or full-time. See as many as 25-30 clients per week.

We are ideally looking for top talent with a proven track record of success as qualified by the following:

  • experience building a large client base,
  • a portfolio of well designed treatment plans exemplified by compliance and results
  • strong client retention
  • a vibrant network of peers that includes practitioners from many modalities, NDs and MDs.


Note to students: Please do not apply. These jobs do not integrate well with academic schedules.

Note regarding career focus: Please apply only if you truly want to be doing the job you are applying for at the Tummy Temple. These jobs are not for people in transition, testing a career move, or “just looking for work”.

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For more information please contact us by phone at 206-729-6211.