Community Partners Highlight: Delicious Planet

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Community Partners Highlight:
Delicious Planet


Need help with the healthy eating aspect of your fall cleanse?  This local company has been making healthy food for folks and delivering it to your door for years.  Randi Carter, MS (Bastyr Nutrition grad) and her company, Delicious Planet, has provided nourishing foods for the Tummy Temple many times over the last decade, including our first open house in 2003.  Our clients have used this organic, health food company to support their transition to a healthier diet with much success.  The food is always delicious and healing.  You can feel Randi’s love in every bite.  Please consider their support in your detox program this fall.
~Kristi Zimmer, Co-owner of Tummy Temple

Delicious Detox – We are saving Seattleites, one liver at a time!  Improve your habits by eating really delicious, organic food that is anti-inflammatory, low carb, and free of dairy/gluten/citrus/corn/egg/soy. You will never be the same.  You will unleash yourself from your food addictions, feel and look better than ever, and you will more than likely lose weight. What’s not to love?