Vibrational Nourishment – February 2012

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Vibrational Nourishment

By Nedra Goedert

I base my energy healing work on the power of vibration. I am aware that the vibration I am immersed in and filled with is the vibration I will be most affected by in the present. I will share some of my professional observations along with some book suggestions on the topic as there are many who speak to the idea of “what fills your thoughts will express in your life”.

If you walk around thinking, “I have poor health”, “nobody listens to me”, “everything I do turns out badly”, “I never can hold onto money” then this sort of stuff will be manifested in your life because you’ve created it as the path of least resistance by expecting it to happen. Conversely, if you can find honest positive thoughts filling your consciousness, such as “I always get the help I need in time”, “healing myself is helping others”, “that person is trying his best”, “she meant well with her actions”, then you have set up a mental expectation, a metaphysical causation for daily life to express a positive outcome.

If your subconscious is full of repressed anger or fear, then your physical body spends energy constantly preparing to administer punishment or deal with danger. A good example in my practice at the Tummy Temple is the statements sometimes made by clients about their digestion such as, “I’ve always had weak digestion,” or “My gut has never been good”, or “My belly is always bloated”.

I’m not suggesting that you simply erase those thoughts and substitute something positive, true or not. But I often encourage my clients to reconsider how they phrase their words when the voice in their head is speaking to them. For example, “Up to now, my digestion hasn’t been very good” is a similar statement, but one which leaves the possibility of change open rather than being a declaration of how things “always” are.

“Up to now…” allows for things to be different or better beginning in this moment. It is still an honest reflection of the person’s thoughts, but with an expectation of possible change or improvement. This amounts to staying open to change for the better in this moment.

Energetically, the vibration of change is one that flows, while the vibration of being fixed or stuck does not flow. Vibrationally, it is movement or flow that makes space for change.

Some interesting reading about this idea from four different points of view, but with much congruence, is found in books listed below.

Louise Hay talks simply and directly about eliminating disease and promoting health by changing thought patterns in “You Can Heal Your Life”.(1978, reprinted and expanded at least 4 times over many years).

Esther & Jerry Hicks in “The Astonishing Power of Emotions” (2007), and Rhonda Byrne in “The Secret” (2006), talk about the vibration of change and the law of attraction. “Go with the flow of well-being”. The law of attraction is not something you have to learn to do, any more than you have to learn to do gravity. But if you don’t work with the expectation that gravity is inevitable and inescapable you will get bruised up, and similarly, you might as well acknowledge the power of your emotions in the law of attraction, because it is as inescapable as the law of gravity.

The same message from a much different point of view is expressed by Masaru Emoto in “The Hidden Messages in Water” (2001). What we think, write, or say has a vibration, and affects the vibration of everything it comes in contact with. Mr. Emoto focuses on the effects of words on water molecules’ crystalline structure. Negative words have disruptive effects and positive words have organized, constructive effects.He’s approached this discovery as a scientist and offers research to support his observations.

Our bodies and our world are mostly water. National or individual fear or hatred creates global or personally altered water at the molecular level. In short, it affects the structure and coherence of nearly everything. Compassion or forgiveness or love, be it worldly or personal spreads a healthy uniform vibration into the water, extending the positive vibration to everyone and everything it contacts.

I encourage everyone to examine their inner dialogue with these ideas in mind. It will be physically and emotionally more beneficial to hold a vibration of love of vibrant health, than to vibrate with a rallying cry of war on this or that bad thing we want to eradicate, whether disease or poverty or hate, or something else.

Good books to read. Food for thought.

With infinite love and gratitude,

Nedra Goedert
Energy Healing, Colon Hydrotherapy

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