Tummy Temple Newsflash – June 2011

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Tummy Temple Newsflash:
New Practitioner, New Certifications
and New Service Offerings!

We are pleased to announce that Shelly Shelley, LMP has completed the requirements for her certification as a Clinical Visceral Massage Therapist.

Shelly completed 72 hours of course training and 25 case studies (3 sessions each) to achieve her certification from Love Your Guts Seminars under the supervision of Marty Ryan, LMP. Completing all course work, case studies and case study supervision entailed approximately 160 hours of study.

Through this process Shelly explored various ways to work with and optimize the digestive and reproductive systems through organ tonification and mobilization, nervous system calming, fascial release and breath work. This skill set addresses a number of conditions including acid reflux, constipation, irritable bowels and other chronic tension patterns of the digestive system. It can also address postural distortions, pelvic pain, fluid and energy congestion, and other reproductive and elimination difficulties.

This excellent, thorough program has given Shelly the skill set to work effectively in the belly and expand her scope of practice. She is especially excited about the impact of this work on her 11 session Soma Bodywork series of Structural Integration. She has witnessed significant improvement in the effectiveness of the series through addressing not only the myofascial (musculature) structures of the body, but also the organ structures. This has resulted in greater resolution of client symptoms overall.

Before undertaking this course work, Shelly often referred clients out for Visceral Massage, recognizing the importance of this essential component. Now, she can incorporate it directly into the 11 session series or offer an expanded series to treat more complex issues. In the expanded 13-14 session series we insert 2-3 sessions of Visceral Massage in between what we call the “Core Sessions” of the series, sessions 4-6. These sessions focus on restructuring and rebalancing the pelvis and are an excellent opportunity to expand structure and address chronic tension patterns in the digestive and reproductive systems.

Case Study Supervision Included:

• case study discussions
• treatment planning
• advanced training on treating the entire body via the belly
• work with surgeries and scar tissue
• skill set improvement and advanced techniques

Shelly would like to express her gratitude to all of our valued clients that participated and provided feedback for her case studies!

Shelly Shelley, LMP is a Certified Advanced Soma Practitioner, Certified Visceral Massage Therapist, NYR Organic Consultant and Reiki Masterr. She has been in practice as a LMP since 1996. In addition to her private practice, Shelly has served as a post-graduate instructor and workshop facilitator for the Soma Institute. It is Shelly’s goal to assist her clients in sharpening their own ability to listen to the wise council of their body in order to live a life of full of vitality, beauty and meaning.

june-2011-jojieWe are pleased to announce our newest practitioner of Lymphatic Drainage, Jojie Natividad, LMP. Jojie has been with the Tummy Temple from the beginning and has worked in every area of the business both on the management side and the therapy side. Her latest training expands our offerings in Lymphatic Drainage with both manual and micro-current applications. Jojie has been practicing Massage Therapy and Colon Hydrotherapy since 1997, and we are thrilled to have her talents and experience applied to this highly effective method of cleansing and healing.

Jojie brings an energetic component to the technical work of lymphatic drainage that allows for a deep release of anything standing in the way of cleansing the body and congested lymph. Her sessions are deeply relaxing and comprehensive. Combine all of her manual therapy skills together, and you can have a total cleansing and healing makeover in a matter of 2-3 hours.

june-2011-nedraNedra Goedert has recently joined the Colon Hydrotherapy team at the Tummy Temple. She was trained at the Tummy Temple by Kristi Zimmer in 2003 and has been practicing in Hawaii providing both energy healing and colon hydrotherapy for the last 7 years. We are thrilled to have her back in the area and a part of our team.

Nedra has a personal, life-long passion for the healing arts and has dabbled in just about all of them. Her most recent life experience has been with assisting those in the death and dying process with an emphasis on the energetic transition and peaceful passing.

Nedra has also served as a personal spiritual mentor for Kristi Zimmer since the beginning of her career and led her through shamanic practices, such as fire walking, in order to open channels within the mind. Nedra provides her therapies with these channels open and serves the client with significant insights.

Her bodywork approach is thorough, compassionately direct and holistic. She specializes in “scared clients” and those looking for an integrated meaning to their health crisis or goals. She will be providing colonics for an introductory rate of $75 per 1 hour session from May 29 through June 12th. Book an appointment with Nedra here