The Energy of Health – September 2011

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By Nedra Goedert

My energy work, using aura and chakras, is focused on health rather than on illness. This is always a good idea, and is naturally aligned with the Tummy Temple philosophy of taking care of your health, rather than pursuing healing work only when you’re ill. Certainly, people often come in for energy work because they are in crisis, physically or emotionally. But ideally one will seek any kind of healing work before the illness strikes.

With that in mind, my vibrational healing technique involves looking at the energy field around the body to see where it shows variation from ‘normal.’ Your energy field, or aura, is very personal, but also has certain aspects in common with others. Like the magnetic field of the planet, it appears differently colored when you are in the other hemisphere, and reflects trauma on a planetary scale to some degree.

It will also reflect your monthly biological rhythm. For example, both men and women have a monthly cycle, and at the time of that cycle there chakras will appear to spin in the opposite direction.

If you are physically ill, have a physical or emotional trauma or are in a spiritual crisis, this will be reflected in your aura as well. This is often when people are inspired to seek help.

If your flow of vital energy is impaired, change is more difficult. An energy work session can improve your flow of energy, facilitating change and thus, facilitating healing.

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