The Energy of Belly Breathing – November 2011

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By Nedra Goedert

Ahhh, the colon and the lungs—the focus of the fall season. Just a few days ago, I was working with a client during a colon hydrotherapy session, and she asked me what color her aura was.

Now, I have to qualify my remarks here by saying that I don’t ‘see color’ when I look at auras. But my view is sort of like black and white TV (if anyone can remember that). I ‘see’ density in the field, in shades of silver/grey, and in the end, I know the color I’m seeing, just as one knows the leaves are green and the lake is dark blue in an old black and white TV show.

So, I told her that like many in our North American culture, her aura was predominantly yellow, concentrated around her head and saturating other colors over two thirds or more of her body, including her belly (and colon). Then, I asked her if she knew about ‘belly breathing’. I often teach clients about belly breathing during a colon hydrotherapy session, because just a few slow breaths in and out of the belly during a session will calm and relax them visibly, providing great assistance in a successful cleanse.

She knew of belly breathing, but only did it occasionally. I asked her to do it then, reminding her of what it feels like. She put her hand on her belly and breathed into her hand, watching it rise and fall instead of her chest.

I noticed that as soon as she began belly breathing, healthy colors of green (heart), orange and red (1st & 2nd chakras) began to wash into her aura, reflecting the healthier vibrational state induced by breathing this way. On the physical plane, her colon relaxed and began to release easily; her skin color improved to a healthier glow, and a smile spread across her face.

It’s no surprise to me that the lungs and colon are partners in this season. They feed each other both physically and energetically always. Taking care of one is taking care of the other.


Belly breathe every day, many times. Love your belly. Don’t hold it in and breathe into your chest. This is looking good, at the expense of ‘being’ well.

With love,

Nedra Goedert
Energy Healing
Colon Hydrotherapy

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