Take Care By Ellen Sims – December 2011

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Take Care

By Ellen Sims, ND Student Intern at the Tummy Temple

Take care of yourself. You have heard this from numerous people in your lives, usually from those that love you. You are sick and a friend says, “Take care of yourself.” What does that mean, exactly? The Farlex online dictionary states, SICK:  suffering from a physical illness; mentally disturbed; in need of repair; weary, tires; pining, longing; unable to produce a profitable yield of crops. So, if that is true, are you sick, and if so, what do you need to get better? Maybe it is time alone, vacation, reading a good book, going on a run, getting a massage, putting a halt to drinking for a week, or numerous other things. It might not be such a bad idea to take care of yourself over the holidays when you actually have TIME to create a new habit.

In ancient traditions, the winter is known to be a time to go inward, take care of yourself, reap the benefits of harvest, and rest.  Even the animals, plants, and trees do this. The garden has been laid to bed, the annuals are underground for the winter, and the trees have dropped their flowers and leaves and are hibernating. The bears, bats, and other animals are also hibernating. We are also supposed to do this. Winter is the best time to draw inward and rejuvenate so that when spring comes you will have enough energy to grow, frolic, and play. So, go take care of yourself!

Ellen Sims, ND Student Intern at the Tummy Temple