Steps to a Better You – February 2012

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Steps to a Better You

By Ellen Sims, ND Student Intern at the Tummy Temple

What holds you back from achieving your wellness goals? If I told you that I could give you a magic pill that will help you lose weight and make you happier, would you buy it? I would be a millionaire. Millions of Americans spend endless amounts of money for the “easy fix”. Do they work, or if they do, does it last long? Not typically.

It was not overnight that your health took a turn. Likewise, it will not be overnight that your health will get better. If you truly want something, go get it. I’ve come up with 5 things to help you on your wonderful journey toward wellness.

  1. Set achievable goals. These are typically called short-term goals. You can also set an ultimate, long term goal, but let’s start small, start simple. If you set easy goals, you can achieve them and this will feel good, thus driving you to continue. DO NOT set more than 5 because that becomes too overwhelming.
  2. Have a support system. Ask a friend or partner to join you. If no one else is ready to join, at least ask them to a support by asking you how it’s going, giving encouraging words or simple reminders. Having this in place will urge you to continue and give you momentum. Hearing positive words always helps.
  3. Start and end your day with positive affirmations. Believe it or not, positive out is positive in. The more you say these things, the more likely you are to believe them, and the more likely it is to come true. For example, say things like: I love you. You are worth it. You can do it. You are doing a good job. Be positive and be happy. These simple sentences can change your world.
  4. Get in touch with your body. You were given a body, like it or not, so you better become familiar with it. Simple stretching like bending over or sitting on the floor trying to touch your toes, or even just taking the time to massage lotion into your body, slowly, will help you become more familiar with your body and when you start to get to know it, it will tell you what it needs.
  5. DRINK WATER! Eat whole foods! Processed foods and fast foods are the quickest way to sure-fire fatigue and illness. They can leave you feeling depleted. Long days and too tired to prepare food? Set a weekend day to make soups and/or burritos that you can package individually and put in the freezer so the next time you are in a hurry or too tired to prepare food, you have healthy food, ready to go. Another idea is to write down a few simple recipes like beans and rice or stir-fried vegetables and keep them handy for the times when you just can’t think of what to fix. Also, don’t forget the crock-pot! So easy and oh, so, good. Remember, you are what you eat.

BONUS: Lastly, YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT! YOU ARE WONDERFUL! YOU WILL FEEL GOOD! I BELIEVE IN YOU! And if you need more suggestions, have questions, or need more support, the friendly staff at The Tummy Temple is here to help. Just let us know how we can be of service.

Ellen Sims, ND Student Intern at the Tummy Temple