Spring Cleaning with Faie – April 2012

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Spring Cleaning with
Lymphatic Drainage & Colon Hydrotherapy
By Faie Hennaberry, LMP, Lymphatic Specialist
The bottom line in creating vibrant health begins with cleaning both the Colon and the Lymphatic System. The colon is the body’s major waste elimination system and the Lymphatic System being the lesser sister to the circulatory system is just as important. It’s the trash collector for the blood. It collects cellular debris made up of virus, bacteria, mold, fungus, yeast, heavy metals, chemicals, parasites and more.
The Lymphatic System like the Colon tends to get sluggish due to toxic overload from our environment as well as lack of exercise, poor eating habits and stress. Reducing garbage intake from the diet is the first way of reducing the primary cause of mucus congestion that causes sticky lymph from not moving through its system. Dairy products are the primary culprits. Sugar, hydrogenated oils, and refined foods must also be eliminated. Constipation and mucus buildup in the colon in turn create Lymphatic Congestion.
The center of the Lymphatic System is in the abdomen. Cellular debris from every part of the body washes into the Lymphatic System in the lower abdomen. The colons’ outer surface is covered with lymph glands and waste from these glands are flushed out of the body through the bowels. If the colon is congested with toxins, they’ll back up into the Lymphatic System, which in turn stresses the immune system as it travels throughout the body.
When mucus accumulates around the small intestines it has an adverse effect on digestion and assimilation in the gut and can cause food allergies. The small intestine has a relationship to the brain. When it’s in distress mental confusion and emotional discomfort can result.
Spring cleaning with a Lymphatic Drainage & Colon Hydrotherapy Series is a powerful way to get yourself back on track in a short amount of time.
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