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NYR Organic Geranium and Orange Spring Shower

By Shelly Shelley, LMP, NYR Organic Consultant

Spring is the time for cleansing, but let us not neglect the BEAUTY and renewal of the season! Detoxifying orange and uplifting geranium can help to make cleansing enjoyable, keeping us feeling refreshed, beautiful and… well …springy!

The powerful combination of geranium and orange is perfect for an inspiring Spring! The primary function of orange oil is to unblock the liver and decongest the digestive system. It has a general detoxifying and cleansing effect; it encourages elimination of excess fluids and waste products from the system. It also stimulates peristalsis so can be effective for constipation. Its action on the system is very powerful but gentle and easily tolerated. Geranium is a balancing oil and can have a cooling effect on inflammatory conditions in the abdomen such as constipation and congestion. Geranium oil also has an uplifting effect on the nervous system. It can help us to move on from places where we feel congested or stuck in our lives while supporting us to move toward embracing renewal.

Revitalizing NYR Organic Geranium and Orange Spring Shower

  1. Put a few drops of Aromatherapy Blend Women’s Balance into your essential oil burner, allow the oil to calm and center you.
  2. Step into the shower and put a small amount Geranium and Orange Shower Gel in your hands, take a moment to inhale it deeply and feel the calming and uplifting effect. Then, use over your whole body to cleanse
  3. Exfoliate with Geranium and Orange Body Scrub paying special attention to the back of your thighs and arms to detoxify
  4. Step out of the shower, gently dry and apply Geranium and Orange Body Butter to your driest regions to deeply moisturize and sooth
  5. Lie down, enjoy the burning essential oil, and give yourself a belly massage with Geranium and Orange Massage Oil to decongest and stimulate. Take your time and apply with love to your belly with massage.

As an added treat, book yourself a massage at the Tummy Temple and relax as we utilize the NYR Organic Geranium and Orange Massage Oil to decongest, sooth and uplift.

Revel in the beauty of Spring!

Shelly Shelley, LMP, NYR Organic Consultant