Organic Beauty 101 – Puffy Eyes – May 2011

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Are Seasonal Allergies getting to your eyes? Cool and refresh itchy, puffy eyes with this NYR Organic Eye Bright Treatment!

1.    Put NYR Organic White Tea Eye Toning Gel and NYR Organic Rose Water in the refrigerator for a few hours or more. (It’s fine to store these products in the fridge)
2.    Soak two cotton rounds in our cooling NYR Organic Rose Water.
3.    Apply chilled White Tea Eye Toning Gel all over the eye, under it and on the lid.
4.    Place soaked cotton rounds over the eyes, lie back and relax!
5.    Experience this refreshing eye treatment by booking a NYR Organic Beauty Massage with Shelly Shelley. It includes a full body massage, face and eye treatment and a consultation to get you started with your toxic chemical-free home care ritual.

by Shelly Shelley LMP,NYR Organic Consultant