Organic Beauty 101 – August 2011

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Top Five Reasons to Incorporate Rose into your Self Care Routine



  1. Anti-inflammatory (Researchers have found Rose Oil to act as a natural suppressant to the inflammatory COX-2 enzyme)
  2. Digestive Wellness (Rose has a strengthening and detoxifying effect on the digestive system, can relieve feelings of nausea and help to regenerate damaged intestinal walls. Useful in the treatment of chronic constipation and has a soothing effect on the liver and gallbladder.)
  3. Anti-Depressant (Has been shown to work well for depression, insomnia, grief, despair and low self esteem)
  4. Radiant Skin (Used to treat dryness, inflammation, heat and itching of the skin. Great for calming the skin and reducing redness.)
  5. Love! (Last but certainly not least, Rose promotes feelings of love toward self and others making it ideal for invoking romantic feelings)

Perfect for summertime Rose is cooling, relaxing and tonifying and NYR Organic has a plethora of Rose Products to choose from!

Remember to take time to smell the Roses!

Shelly Shelley LMP
NYR Organic Consultant

** Come in for a NYR Organic Beauty Massage and allow Shelly Shelley to indulge you in a varitey of NYR Organic Rose products. Apply $15 of one hour $90 session and $30 of two hour $180 session toward NYR Organic product!

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