Lymphatic System – Your Cellular Waste Superhighway

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By Faie Henneberry, LMP, Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner


The Lymphatic System, made up of lymph nodes and vessels, spans your entire body. It provides the “highway” by which cellular waste is transported for excretion and acts as a crucial player in your body’s ability to ward off disease and heal from injury. It supports every other system in the body including the immune, digestive, detoxification and nervous system.

Symptoms of Lymphatic toxic Overload
Living in a toxic environment with a poor diet places extreme stress on our bodies. An accumulation of toxic overload often shows up as tender lymph nodes in the neck, armpits, groins, abdomen and spleen. Other signs of lymphatic congestion range from headache, sinus congestion, skin conditions, digestive troubles, and chemical sensitivity to fatigue, edema and more. It is imperative that the Lymphatic System be maintained so that the immune system can function properly.

Home of the Lymphatic System? Your Tummy!
Cellular debris from every part of the body washes into the lymph nodes in the lower abdominal area. There, the colon, whose outer surface is covered with lymph nodes, collects this waste and passes it out of the body through the bowels. The lymph nodes in the villi of the small intestines move the waste out to the lymph nodes in the colon. Congestion of lymph in the small intestines causes poor absorption of nutrients due to the build up of waste.

Solution: Lymph Drainage & Colonic Combo
If the colon is congested with toxic debris, these toxins will back up into the Lymphatic System and stress the Immune System. The Combination of Lymphatic Drainage followed by Colon Hydrotherapy is offered in order to ensure that these important detoxification pathways are healthy and flowing.