Healthy Homework – May 2011

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May 2011 Healthy Homework

Get dirty — put your hands in the dirt and plant. Whether you want to go wild in your pea patch or have only the space for a small plant, now is the time to grow. Consider a basil pot in a sunny indoor spot, a beautiful flowering plant just outside your front entry, or get some beets rooted in the ground. Use the basil for pesto or cocktails, cut the flowers and place in the bathroom, or get those beets ready for your fabulous summer salad. Voila!

Walk in Nature — we are at the ultimate time of the year for flowering, budding, and gentle winds. Taking a walk outdoors is a way to sync the body with nature and get grounded & focused. Additionally, walking is one of the most beneficial exercises for the colon and digestion-which will continue the spring detoxification. Have a rain jacket handy, bring a friend, and you have no excuses.

Sweat — aim to sweat at least 3 times per week for glowing skin and detoxification support. Pick your favorite – dancing, running, gardening, hiking, a long bike ride, or step indoors for hot yoga or one of the many saunas around town. Wring out that winter chill and let the fresh you flourish!