Healthy Homework – March 2011

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Hydrate: Yes, again we will preach to you about hydration.  It is that important.  Establish good hydration patterns now, before the sun comes out and dries your body out even more.  You must use water to cleanse and renew your body the same way you must use water for cleaning in your home.

Use Adrenal Support: Carryover theme #2.  If we didn’t live in our wonderful modern, urban city of Seattle this might not be necessary.  However, the chaos and stimulation of an urban environment require constant attention to the adrenal glands.  If you are still confused as to which formula is best suited to heal and support your adrenal glands, then contact Dr. Lisa or Heidi, MS, Certified Registerd Dietitian for help.  Adrenal formulas turn a dismal attitude into a “can do” attitude very quickly. 

Master Restful Sleep:
Did you do that yet?  If so, then ignore this message.  If not, then read up on it one more time at

Suggested Seasonal Program: Spiritual Transformation Program

This program is a perfect way to finish up the winter season and prepare for the spring!  In 3 weeks you can go through a makeover of body, mind and spirit.  If you need to spread out the self-care love over several weeks, then that works, too!   It’s your transformation at your pace!  See what clients are saying about this efficient, effective tune up of every layer of your being!

“I started this journey knowing that I wanted to give something back to myself but I received so much more than I expected!  My body was exhausted and full of fatigue from a year’s worth of teaching creative dance to young children and I left my first session feeling no tension, just balanced and ready for rest.  My second session that followed conveniently right after the holidays and at the edge of the New Year, opened my heart and body up to what was coming in 2011 and it was not only enlightening, cleansing and freeing it left me feeling like there was a lot more room in 2011 for Possibilities.  After a month of working hard I was treated to the skin care/body care treatment and found it integrating, centering, and a real gift to myself. 
I would recommend this fabulous set of three treatments to anyone looking for an enlightening, relaxing, renewing, and loving experience for yourself.”


Session One

Opening and Clarifying: 2 hour therapeutic massage with Shelly Shelley. We do a basic intake and intention setting and then the focus is geared toward clarifying the client’s specific needs and desires.

Accompanying products:  We can choose these according to needs.
For Warming and Soothing: TT Inner Fire, NYR Seaweed and Arnica, NYR Frank Hydrating Mist
For Cooling and Uplifting: TT Inner Peace, NYR Geranium and Orange Shower Gel, NYR White Tea Facial Mist
For Hormone Balancing and reproductive wellness: TT Sister’s Secret, NYR Frankincense Shower Cream, NYR Zest Spritzer
For Detoxification: TT Detox Oil, TT Detox Bath Salts, NYR Geranium and Orange Body Scrub

Session Two

Cleanse and release: 1 hour colonic – The focus of this session is to cleanse congestion and accumulated toxins from the body, while identifying and releasing old stress patterns and trauma. Hydrating, cleansing and energizing the body creates a unique opportunity to generate a new nervous system pattern that allows for clarity and profound self-healing.

Accompanying Products: To be tailored to the client’s needs.

Session Three

Nurture and Recieve: Two hour Organic Beauty Massage with Shelly Shelley. The focus of this session is to receive, receive, receive.  This session includes a 30 minute consultation to set up a self-care ritual for the client to self-nurture at home.

Accompanying Products:  Whatever comes out of the Consultation will be ordered and shipped directly to client.