Healing with Yoga 101 – Tadasana Mountain Pose

Tim ZimmerClub Newsletter


By Chris Tanaka, MA, Certified Yoga Instructor

Welcome the New Year with Tadasana.  From a place of being calm and balanced, we can reflect on the past and make clear and healthy decisions about the future.

Danielle in Tadasana in Mountain Pose

  • Inspiration – The surrounding mountains.
  • Benefits – Grounding, balancing, centering.
  • Actions –
  1. Stand straight and place your feet together. Ground down evenly on both feet; press your weight into the heels. Contract the quadriceps.
  2. Lift the pit of the abdomen and keep the thighs back.
  3. Keep the arms to the sides of the body. Move the shoulder blades down and apart. Keep the chest lifted.
  4. Look straight ahead and soften the gaze inhale and exhale through the nose.