Healing with Yoga 101 – Garudasana: Eagle Pose – May 2011

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Eagle Pose

by Christine Tanaka, MA, Certified Yoga Instructor

Eagle supplies fresh blood to the reproductive system, sex organs, and the kidneys. It may possibly increase sexual vitality and could help clear up reproductive problems.

Eagle works on opening up the 14 largest joints in the skeletal system.

It increases flexibility in the hips, knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, scapula and deltoids.

To do Eagle pose:

  1. Bring your right arm under your left arm. Cross at the elbows, then again cross at the wrists, bringing your hands together in front of your face. Make sure the thumbs are facing you.
  2. Drop and spread the shoulder blades.
  3. Sit down as if you are in a chair, lift your right leg over the left leg and put your right foot under your calf muscle. If your foot can’t quite wrap around your leg yet, bend your knee and sit down more. If you lose the balance, arch your upper body back more. Keep trying to sit down and arch your upper body back.
  4. If you are pregnant you should do only the arm part of the pose and lie down and do the legs part separately. Modify according to your level. You can also do this with your back against the wall until your balance increases.

Eagle Pose 2