Healing with Yoga 101 – Cat Cow – July 2011

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Cat-Cow Yoga Pose

Yoga 101: Marjarasana, Cat-Cow
By Chris Tanaka, MA, Certified Yoga Instructor

Marjarasana- a gentle flowing vinyasa pose often called Cat–Cow.


  • gentle abdominal and digestive organ massage
  • removes tension around the spine, shoulders and neck
  • helps to reduce fat around the abdomen
  • makes the spine and back supple, enhances the nervous system functions
  • reduces menstrual disorders and returns the uterus back to health after childbirth

Cat-Cow Yoga Pose 2
Moving into the pose

  1. Start with hands and knees on the floor in table top position. Hands should be shoulder width distance, and the knees should be hip width distance apart.
  2. On the exhalation press the hands and shins into the floor and round the spine. Draw the sitting bones and head down toward the floor.
  3. Focus on rounding the spine and spreading the shoulder blades away from each other.
  4. On the inhalation flow into the concave back position. Press the hands and shins into the body and move the lumbar spine toward the belly.
  5. Draw the shoulder blades back and toward each other. Move the head and tailbone toward each other.
  6. Flow in this pose for 9 breaths, exhaling in the convex position and inhaling in the concave position.

Cat-Cow Yoga Pose Photograph