From The Medical Director – October 2011

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From the desk of the Medical Director:
October 2011

By Dr. Lisa Valent, ND, LMP

As we delve into the fall months, do you know how to protect your family’s immunity? We see that people are more likely to get ill when their body is not properly supported. Top immune-powering support includes:

1. Probiotics:  keeping the immune system at its best is supporting the gut.  Probiotics build our intestinal barrier with healthy bacteria to protect us from common invaders such as bacteria & viruses.  Try the Temple Biotic or HLC High Potency – 1-2 capsules daily with food as maintenance.  They contain 25-30 billion bacteria per capsule.  That surpasses the minute doses of about 1 million that you find in yogurt or probiotic beverages.  Yes, that’s 25-30,000 times stronger.

2. Vitamin D3:  Get your vitamin D levels tested.  Ideal is around 70-80ng/mL and the average client we see has levels somewhere around 10-20, which can contribute to both low immunity and low moods.

3. Thymus gland extract: Cytozyme-THY 1 tablet, 2 times daily.  This is an animal-based extract that supports your thymus gland function, a major powerhouse for T cell production.  T cells fight off viruses and we want adequate amounts of these cells available.  Many of us often have low thymus function due to environmental toxins, which means regular detoxification = improved immunity.

4. Sugars & Mucus causing foods: At the first sign of a cold, sinus infection, or lung infection, eliminate all sugar (including fruit juices & dried fruit), dairy & wheat.  This significantly decreases the amount of mucus the body produces allowing your symptoms to be milder and potentially decrease the duration of the cold.  In its place, eat more protein rich foods such as roasted grass-fed meats, organic poultry, or wild fish and eat at least 2 servings of green leafy vegetables each day.

5. Sleep: Putting energy into the bank is the most protective step you can take.  About 8 hrs per night is needed to maintain the system at optimal.  Consider getting a few more at the 1st sign of illness.

6. Laughter: Play with your family.  Laughter moves the lymphatic system, stimulates immune-boosting interleukins, and decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which when elevated can lower the immune response.  Other stress-lowering activities such as massage, yoga, and taking a sauna will relax the body & enhance immune function.

If you have any signs of poor immunity or have frequent stress, make a visit with one of our naturopathic doctors to evaluate what may be limiting you from having optimum, energetic health.  Signs of poor immune function: frequent colds, lung & sinus infections, yeast infections, allergies, asthma, psoriasis, auto-immune conditions, diabetes, and chronic fatigue.